Datang Glory(TV)[2017]
Datang Glory(TV)[2017]
Datang Glory(TV)[2017]

Datang Glory(TV)[2017]

Episode: 60 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Tian Jing Allen Junjie Qin More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Liu Guonan Tao Yin Year: 2017
Genre: Costumes | Legend

《Datang Glory》Episodes

Shen ZhenZhu was born, was chosen as Princess Guang Ping Wang Li Chu, gave birth to the eldest son of Tang Dezong Li, Li was chased after the Rui Regent. She just introduced a southern woman, good heart, surviving Sajik and goodwill, in Anshun chaos only willing to stay in Changan and common people advance and retreat, as Changan people respect. Though dispersed among the generals, Mo Yan Chuhu, pursued it, he still held his love for Li Chu. After the Tang Dynasty recuperates to Changan, the diaspora can not enter the palace, but Li Chu is determined to pick up the pearl back. The pearl takes the prince Li Chu as its priority and returns to the folk. After Li Chu looks for many places, the pearl is always reluctant to enter the palace. Wish to fulfill Li Chu. She won Li Chu's life unforgettable by her knowledge of Darjeeling's knowledge and the excellent quality of having both ability and political integrity. And she is not a luxury to coordinate the harem with a word to know the sufferings of the common people. Shen ZhenZhu, a generation of talented women, made certain historic contributions to the development of the mid-Tang Dynasty.

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