Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber(TV)[2002]
Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber(TV)[2002]

《Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber》Episodes

《Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber》Ep1:episode 1

At the suggestion of Cheng Kun, Ru YangWang, under the advice of Cheng Kun, bait a dragon with a martial arts sword and set off a battle of rivers and lakes and a martial arts storm by means of a knife. After the fierce fight, the Dragon Blade fell into the hands of the Yin Ying Su Yin taught. When he was injured, he was rescued by Zhang CuiShan. Yu DaiYan carrying a dragon knife to the Wudang school, cross the river by the fake boatman Yin SuSu injured, to defend his life, Yin SuSu Dragon Escort Yu DaiYan back to Wudang. On the way; Cheng Kun took the Wudang sent Yu DaiYan, and cut off their limbs planted Shaolin, Zhang CuiShan sad, Feng Yu ordered to trace the mystery of Yu DaiYan killed in the Dragon Gate Escort was again injured by Cheng Kun, fled to Eagle Rescued by Yin SuSu, the two met again. Eagle taught Wulin martial arts posts, inviting all walks of life, held in Wang Panshan Yang Daoli Assembly. Zhang CuiShan finds that the injuries of Yu DaiYan, a member of the three siblings, are related to the Sword Dragon Sword and went to Wang Panshan with Yin SuSu. However, he did not expect to save the woman who loved him and turned out to be the lesser leader of the Falconry.

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