The Rise of Phoenixes(TV)[2018]
The Rise of Phoenixes(TV)[2018]
The Rise of Phoenixes(TV)[2018]

The Rise of Phoenixes(TV)[2018]

Episode:56Area:The Chinese mainland
Stars:Kun Chen Ni Ni Lixin Zhao More>>Language:Mandarin
Director:Yan Shen Haibo Liu Year:2018
Genre:Ancient costume | Legend

《The Rise of Phoenixes》Episodes

TV drama "The Rise of Phoenixes" also known as "the power of the huang yi world" plot introduction: told the king of chu Ning Yi , seem to be loose and loose when the six princes, but the heart carries the painful past events. He took the world as a chess game, to clear snow grievances, punish crafty sycophants, rectify the court order, in the bloody court battles in step by step. Feng ZhiWei The girl who was banished from the high gate was not willing to yield to the bumpy fate. She disguised herself as a man and went to the qingming academy, becoming a scholar without a pair of rivals. One is the prince of the city, and the other is the first to show the edge of the new officialdom, the two men in the unpredictable court in each other to test, often against each other, mutual exclusion but also forced to attract each other. And when the hearts of each other gradually open to each other, encounter is the fate of the cold. A case of a previous dynasty orphans, completely destroyed her world, also disrupted his usual leisurely pace. The blood of opposites, the sacrifice of relatives and friends, became the Great Wall that separated them.

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