The city of this family(TV)[2018]
The city of this family(TV)[2018]
The city of this family(TV)[2018]

The city of this family(TV)[2018]

Episode: 40 Area: China Mainland
Stars: papa More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Shao JingHui Year: 2018
Genre: Contemporary city

《The city of this family》Episodes

The TV series “The City of the Family” introduces the story: In 1976, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Wang DaMing and Lin Zhiyan in the mine hospital. After six days and seven nights, Wang DaMing was rescued and woke up to learn that his pregnant wife was gone and her father was gone. Left to right, every family wears filial piety. In the days after the earthquake, Yang Ai, a female ceramics factory worker, entered Wang DaMing's life. Yang Ai’s parents died. The big sister’s family was stricken by the earthquake and only the next son had become a dumb young son. Wang DaMing and Yang Ai made a halfway couple. Wang Jia and Lin Jia have joined together to form a family. In addition to mom Feng Langzhi, Lao Zhangren Lin Zhaorui, Xiao Xizi Lin Zhicheng, and Xiao Wei Wang WeiDong, the newly adopted family Liu Jialiang is now adding three new members - Yang Ai's two sisters and dumb Sun Lei. Nine people, six surnames, and a non-blood family of children, after a series of earthquakes, SARS, tangled emotions, and cancers, in the changing era of reform and opening up, they struggled to become distressed and eventually rebuild their happy homes.

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