Radio Romance(TV)[2018]
Radio Romance(TV)[2018]

《Radio Romance》Episodes

《Radio Romance》Ep10:Chi Soo-yu's official invitation to Song Kelin's appointment

On the second day, Nan Zhu Xia made a request for Chi Xiuyan to withdraw from all radio stations during the meeting of all KBC departments. Regardless of how the director retained, Nan Zhu Xia would not concede. After the meeting, Nan Zhu Xia All writers under the ultimatum, if they can't drive away Song Kelin, the whole writer will bear the corresponding responsibility.

In the early morning, Chi Xiuyu waited in front of Song Kelin’s house and saw Song Kelin go downstairs and immediately let Song Kelin drove him to the TV station. Song Kelin was very strange, if she went to the TV station, Chi Xiu from It was easier to set off at home. On the way, Song Kelin was very curious and couldn't help but ask why Chi Chih-hsi, Chi-hsiung-hwan, suddenly let Song Kelin take him home. When he got home, Chi-hsiang hurried off and told the car to Song Kelin. Let Song Kelin drive first, and the gifts in the back seat of the car are all prepared for Song Kelin.

Song Kelin had not waited for a refusal before Chi Xiu ran into the house. Song Kelin had to drive the car to the station. Li Jiang happens to work. After seeing Song Kelin, she asks her if the original is well-written. After the handover, Li Jiang read the manuscript that severely criticized Song Kelin’s handling of the matter. He had no intention and ordered Song Kelin to rewrite. The tone is no longer a busy one, but is called a Song writer.

Li Jiang asked the subordinates to sort out their recordings and videos from their computer for the past three years. Chi Xiuyu, who was inadvertently heard when the subordinates complained, heard the name of Song Kelin and the bully Li Jiang. Chi Xiuqie asked him to check it out. It was when Song Kelin had dinner on the radio station, Li Jiang and Song Kelin said drunk, Li Jiang promised to design Song Kelin a radio station for her to be the master writer. After that, Li Jiang was in Song Kelin’s ear. What was said, the video was just disconnected. Chih-Hsiung Chih was in a hurry. Then Song Kelin and Li Jiang came in. Chi Xiuping and Song Kelin came to the dressing room and asked what was going on at the time. Song Kelin could not remember it anymore. Miscellaneous eyes, so the car key returned to Chi Xiu hurriedly left.

After finishing the video to Li Jiang, he discovered that a car accident occurred in front of the KBC in 2006. A boy named Jun Yu was found to be ineffective, and Chi Xiuyu was nearby. Li Jiang contacted Kim and wanted to know about the incident. He accidentally learned from Kim's room that the news of Chi Xiuyi's withdrawal from the radio station.

Chen TaiLi once again went to the company to find Nan Zhuxia complained, Calling Kim Chang to try to talk, Kim's phone was shut down. Chen TaiLi was very sad. He came to the front door and waited for Kim to go home and stopped the Kim’s car. Kim Chang accompanied Chen TaiLi. After drinking in the bar, Chen TaiLi pleaded hard to record the recording of Chixiu Xiong who was not Nan Zhuxia’s biological record as a secret weapon to counter Nan Zhuxia.

Song Kelin handed over the rewritten manuscript to Li Jiang, and was once again rejected. Li Jiang reminded Song Kelin to understand his current feeling and write it down. Returning home in the evening, Song Kelin sat in a daze on the bus, but his head was full of Chi Xiu’s. Even he didn’t understand why he grew up and couldn’t help but embrace Chi Xiu’e and Song Kelin couldn’t figure it out. Let Chi Xiu come to meet with him. Chi Chiu-hyun received a phone call and flew over. Song Kelin told Chi Chiu-chiu about his doubts. Chi Chiu-hyun disapproved. Pressing Song Kelin was not an absolute nuisance to himself. He took Song Kelin and went home to eat ramen noodles. Song Kelin asked Chi Chih-hwan why he would think of him in his mind. Chi Xiu-fu told Song Kelin. Maybe Song Kelin fell in love with himself. After the end of tomorrow, continue dating.

The next day, Song Kelin carefully dressed himself to work. At the meeting, Li Jiang suddenly asked for a live broadcast. At the beginning of the broadcast, a fan audience had a birthday next week and requested Chi-hsiung to say to myself that I love you. Chi-chih-hyun looked at Song Kelin and said it affectionately. The fans were greatly touched and watched by Li Jiang outside the live room. With Song Kelin’s manuscript, he understood the meaning of Chi Xiu’s love and understood Song Kelin’s heart. After the radio station was over, Song Kelin returned home to meet with Li Jiang. Before leaving, Song Kelin told Chi Xiuyu to meet with him tomorrow.

Chi Hsueh-chieh returned home with joy, but found that Kim was waiting for him. Kim Kim told Chi Chih-hyun, Nan Zhuxia signed the contract for the TV show, and dropped the radio's schedule. , the next day will be held in TV drama conference, Chi Xiuzhen back to his mother's home and quarreled, the mother took out pictures of the two people were photographed together, told Chi-chieh, if you continue to behave, and Song Kelin has been together, Song Kelin Will suffer more pressure.

On the second day, Song Kelin and Li Jiang received the news that Chi Xiuyi withdrew from the radio station. Song Kelin refused to believe and kept sending messages to Chi Xiu, but Chi Xiuyi did not respond. Participate in the release of new TV series. Until the evening, Chixiu Xie came to the radio and looked at Song Kelin's desperate eyes. He clung tightly to Song Kelin and told her that he would continue to do it. After that, he kissed Song Kelin. This time, Song Kelin did not hide.

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