Lan Ling Princess(TV)[2016]
Lan Ling Princess(TV)[2016]
Lan Ling Princess(TV)[2016]

Lan Ling Princess(TV)[2016]

Episode: 47 Area: inside China
Stars: Baby Zhang Andy Chen Guanying Peng More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Ye Zhaoyi Raymond Lam Year: 2016
Genre: Ancient legend | Love

《Lan Ling Princess》Episodes

Eastern Jin Dynasty, the dynasty turmoil, vassal separatist. According to legend, only the left to hold the Green Mirror, the right grip from the sword, before the unity of the world. Green 鸾 mirror and leave 殇 sword for the dragon teach treasures, but because of the loss of war. Dragon taught saint Zi Mei because of practicing magic, was his own inner strength bite, life hanging line. Before Zi Mei died, he taught him the only generation named Yuan QingSuo, telling her about the secrets of a bronze mirror and a sword. Zi Mei finally told Yuan QingSuo, these two treasures must not fall into the hands of a rascal, only the true emperor son is equipped with, otherwise the world chaos. In order to find the treasures, Yuan QingSuo pretends to be the nephew woman Li E-zi, who is the wife of Mrs. Sikong in the Northern Zhou Dynasty. In the meantime, Yuan QingSuo met respectively with Gao ZhangGong of Lanling and Wu Wen Yu of North Zhou. Yuan QingSuo eventually helped Yu WenYong achieve imperial tyranny, while leaving the Northern Zhou Dynasty to co-exist with Gao ZhangGong.

Plot Summary>>

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