Legend of Yun Xi(TV)[2017]
Legend of Yun Xi(TV)[2017]
Legend of Yun Xi(TV)[2017]

Legend of Yun Xi(TV)[2017]

Episode:48Area:China Mainland
Stars:Jingyi Ju Zhe-han Zhang Merxat More>>Language:Mandarin
Director:Kin-lun Lam David Lau Year:2017
Writer:Kim Yuanyuan Genre:Costumes | Love
Producer:Liu JiaCheng

《Legend of Yun Xi》Episodes

Legend of Yun Xi episodes:The world has clouds and empty continents standing in the center of the world, under the rule of the Qin dynasty, after the conspiracy to usurp power, the world chaos, the clouds split into Tianning, Western Zhou Dynasty, Northern Li and the three countries, the dispute continues. Emperor TianDiDi Tianning Emperor naturally biased cheesy, the Qin Dynasty Wang Fei Yue incomparable exploit. In order to prevent its strength, Tian HuiDi decreed that he would rumored to be married to King Yun Yun Yun, the so-called ugly doctor of medicine, to marry him.  Han YunXi was born in a medical family, although the face of toxic sores are kind and clever. Her deep foundation in medicine, but also due to the mysterious bracelet left by her mother Tianxin learned subtle poison. Tian HuiDi A paper wedding gift, Han YunXi can withstand all pressures, on the wedding day since the car door married into the Qin Palace, became the real princess of Qin. In the face of this distress situation, Han YunXi is determined to work hard to survive. With her own skill and clever treatment of Mu Qingwu and Tinian Prince, cracked the case of the Northern Li and the case of the three aunt drug shop, and Guigu Gu Gu seven little become irreversible friends, but also won the Qin Long FeiYe scrutinize . After that, Han YunXi and Long FeiYe teamed up to search for poison beasts and save people trapped in the plague. They cracked all kinds of conspiracies together and their feelings were getting warmer. However, with the experience of Han YunXi exposed, the poisonous army of men and so on, the feelings of Long FeiYe and Han YunXi suffered a great test, in the face of life and death choices, the two should go from here ...

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