Terminal 5(TV)[2017]
Terminal 5(TV)[2017]

《Terminal 5》Ep10:Fur ball be bewitched by negative energy Wan double dragon again provoked a class

After Red Dragon and Zhi Shui entered the ruling of force, they observed through the name of the restroom and found that all members of the ruling today were all killers used after being arrested and brought to justice. The two were terrified and ran out quickly. But found Hei Long disappeared, leaving only a ring, red dragon worried Hei Long accident, with Zhi Shui immediately left the ruling. Gu Zhan resumed discharge, but did not see the traces of Qiu Qiu, Qiu Qiu and Gu Zhan broke up, a person lonely walking in the street, suddenly, appeared in front of a large city and the company allegiance, a few impressively written Characters: negative energy company, Qiu Qiu puzzled into the company, which all things are composed of black and white, lifeless, the staff inside slowly typing on the keyboard, it seems a bit motivation to work all of a sudden , Bald old man appeared in front of Qiu Qiu, asking her if there are any unhappy things, Qiu Qiu Gu Zhan things to tell the old man, the old man smiled and told her the negative energy in the world is a magical energy to choose to use It, believe it, Qiu Qiu listened, slowly lying on the sofa fainted. Wake up, Qiu Qiu has been in bed at home, remembered the old man said, Qiu Qiu suddenly see the pain is the world's commonplace, what to do the worst plan, there is nothing afraid, Qiu Qiu immediately call Gu Zhan , Agreeing to break up. He told Gu Zhan that the issues between the two had to care. Breaking up was the right choice. Gu Zhan was very strange about the change in Qiu Qiu's attitude and wondered what she had experienced. Qiu Qiu told Gu Zhan that yes Great negative energy, finished hastily told the phone, Gu Zhan did not understand the meaning of Qiu Qiu, is feeling strange, Bao three phone calls, Wan ShuangLong came to the ultimate class of provocation. Tai Yang came forward, is about to duel with Wan ShuangLong, Lan SiLuo appear, they once again played up, Wan ShuangLong Vulcan wrist cover after the battle enhanced, and Lan SiLuo regardless of up and down.

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