The most miserable hero in history! xu haiqiao was injured again in 'son of heaven

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Star connection September 14Recently, by the Xu Haiqiao Starring in costume drama Son of Heaven The show is currently in full swing, drawing fans with its high level of looks and amusing storylines. Since the broadcast, with the constant change and promotion of the hero, ye xiaotian, the plot is more and more wonderful. But this Week leaves Small day again from open the big god be reduced directly to most miserable male Lord, how is this a matter?

The princess made a marriage with her brother Derek Wong Ye xiaotian, naturally will not give up on this, so a self-directed and acting "vendetta drama" staged, in broad daylight was stabbed, successfully planted the country brother. Once again, ye xiaotian successfully returned to huxian county with his cleverness, but he did not want his position to be empty by xu boyi, a literary history. Refusing to give up, he finally defeated his bitter rival xu boyi, and in his anger, xu boyi stabbed a blade in the back, which made him fall to the ground on the spot. See this net friend continuously shout "heartache small day elder brother" "this how drive stick return an addiction", see ye small day this is from most open hang male Lord once become most miserable male Lord!

The wounded ye xiaotian was sent by hua zhi county to tongren to ask for money, I'm afraid this trip is more auspicious, what will be the situation waiting for ye xiaotian? More exciting content is "Son of Heaven" starring Xu Haiqiao, please look forward to it!

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