Son of heaven' closing officer tong bing yu was scolded? isn't the acting too good and the audience is in it?

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Star connection September 28Recently, by the Xu Haiqiao , Tong Bing Yu Starring in costume drama Son of Heaven The show, which wrapped up on tencent's video, has been gaining popularity since it aired, with Tong Bing Yu's tian mianxian even more controversial. Some people like her literary and martial integrity, ambition do not submit to the character, while others do not love her step by step, extremely deep city way of doing things. Despite mixed reviews for tian's role, the audience agreed with Tong Bing Yu's performance, saying it was too good.

In Son of Heaven, tian miuwen, played by Tong Bing Yu, is a general of the four types of guangwei, who is a step by step in the officialdom. As a prudent judge of the situation, she not only bears the responsibility of the family, but also has to deal with various conflicts of interests and emotions. This role is complicated and difficult to perform. This time,Tong Bing YuandXu Haiqiaohave been cooperating for two times. The relationship between them in the drama is from the beginning, when they saw each other unfavourably to cherish each other. In the end, they ended up with a bridge and a road back. Seen "Son of Heaven" the net friend, for two people in the play of the stars are applauded, Tian Miaowen (Tong Bing Yu) and Ye Xiaotian (Xu Haiqiao) from the view of the hills, step by step, fire go head-to-head between these two smart people from testing to the front of each other, each picture is explosive, netizens call enjoyable at the same time all admireTong Bing Yuacting very reach the designated position, she will not only deduce the charm of the woman's charm appearance and moving, will also be the man some swagger brave deductive incisively and vividly.

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In this week's final episode, the most brilliant part is tian mianxiu (Tong Bing Yu) indirectly killed the heroine for his own interests, and ye xiaotian was so heartbroken that netizens began to blame tian mizuo. In fact, a good drama is able to bring the audience into the drama, let the audience feel the real feelings of the characters. And the audience's evaluation of the role, whether love or hate, is the affirmation of the actor's performance. So it can be seen thatTong Bing Yunot only played tian miui alive, but also expressed the character's temperament completely, which also showed his excellent acting skills. In a previous interview,Tong Bing Yudescribed tian as an ancient workplace boss, a complex character but a favorite. She also volunteered to go to the gym in order to play the role. Lu iron & quot; Exercise in order to better complete the martial arts play, let the audience see a wenwushuangquan tian mianxian. It can be seen thatTong Bing Yuis serious about tian mi-wen.

"Son of Heaven" has ended. Tian miaowei has been dismissed as "lucky not to be ashamed", but the actorTong Bing Yuis still playing. The fashion show starringTong Bing Yuis known as Beloved ", which will also be broadcast next year, let's look forward to her shining in the path of acting and bring more excellent works to everyone!

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