Tong bing yu's new film yanchixia' was voted the best looking 'grandmother' by netizens for its hot shooting.

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Star relations December 5& have spent Recently, by the Tong Bing Yu Starring in the set of ancient fantasy, action and love in a film "yan chixia biography" is hot shooting. In the story of yan chixia, actress Tong Bing Yu played the heroine and grandmother. In the exposed photos, Tong Bing Yu's elegant and charming modeling, gorgeous and profound, and the evil charm's smile when she embraced the male protagonist hidden the unfathom danger, played the role of "tree spirit" very well. The net friend expresses "little elder sister modelling is really good-looking" in succession!

Tong Bing Yu, since her debut, has not only had rich acting experience, but also increasingly strong strength, especially in the interpretation of costume dramas, which can be called wonderful. Previously, she has appeared in secret history of the west and Qian Long Secret History Tong Bing Yu's every character in Tong Bing Yu is impressive. And this year's hit show Son of night In the film, Tong Bing Yu played the role of tian miaowen, the great toast master. Her domineer and beautiful image as well as her resolute and brave character made her a fan in numerous circles. As a new generation of young actors who are recognized for their acting skills, Tong Bing Yu believes that Tong Bing Yu can still show her charm and perfectly perform the characters in the biography of yan chixia this time. The film focuses on the most popular theme of ancient costume fantasy, so the story of yanchixia has received a lot of fans' strong support, I believe that after the film broadcast is bound to set off a wave of ancient costume fantasy craze.

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The film is still in production, and Tong Bing Yu stars in Tong Bing Yu's Beloved "Will also be broadcast next year, let us look forward to it!

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