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Li xiaoran prefers modern drama and the feeling of being close to life

Star connection September 14Urban life drama Mr. NANNY "Is being broadcast on zhejiang satellite TV, dragon TV. The play by Zongzheng Xu Directed, Li Xiaoran , Nicky Wu, , Di Xu , Zhidi Bai , Vivi Wang, , Aoyan Dong And so on. Since its inception, the drama heat continues to ferment, the topic of a steady rise.Li Xiaoranplays nara who finally breaks through the inner shackles and succeeds with shen xinwei. She likes to mention the title "winner of life".

"Verna CP" will hold hands with her mother to return home

"Mr. NANNY" tells the story of nana and lu kai, who were just abroad to get a certificate, but learned that the road family was about to marry xu in China. At this point, however, she found herself pregnant. By accident, nana met shen xinwei and became her Mr. NANNY. From tit for tat to gradually understand, they finally gained the shen heart of love, and put aside the "academic obstinacy" all the time, and found a new direction of career from nana and children.

In the latest episode, nana and shen xinxin are linked to resolve the "former storm". Unexpectedly, Chen yaxian, the mother of shen xinwei, came back to China and appeared in their lives. The relationship with shen xinwei was plain and abnormal, which made nana's family at a loss. Tong meilin was worried about her daughter's difficulties in getting along with her, and then worried about her feelings with shen xin wei. Nanna said frankly that she had regarded shen xin wei as her lover.

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Li Xiaoran: I like modern drama and the feeling of being close to life

Mr. NANNY was the first collaboration betweenLi Xiaoranand Nicky Wu, and the two acted in unison.Li Xiaoranrevealed that there were many opportunities for cooperation before, but they all passed by. White hair witch He was the first to ask for me, but that was not a good time. Then I thought I'd work together once, and this time the script was humorous."

Li Xiaoran has released several shows this year, Good life ", "next station, farewell" and "Mr. NANNY" are all realistic works. She also expressed her preference for modern plays. I also choose to watch more modern plays including TV plays. I do not like to watch the drama of ancient costume fights, and I feel very tired. I prefer to choose plays that are close to life.

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