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There is a popular name for' husband who is the wife of the month '. mr. nanny closes on sunday.

Star connection September 14by Nicky Wu, , Li Xiaoran , Di Xu , Zhidi Bai , Vivi Wang, , Aoyan Dong Contemporary urban life drama Mr. NANNY "Near the end of the broadcast in zhejiang satellite TV's China blue theater, the drama will come to an end this Sunday (16 days). Last night, lu kai, in cahoots with former girlfriend Amanda (Nicky Wu), held a news conference to frame shen for using a baby for inhumane experiments. She (Li Xiaoran) speaks out against lukai's harassment and decides to fight it out with her ex-boyfriend. Since the broadcast, the show's rating has been on the rise and its performance has been encouraging. The inscription "Mr. NANNY of zhejiang satellite TV" has been ranked among the top five topics on weibo for many days. Mr. NANNY, a zhejiang satellite TV show, has no doubt created a buzz of urban warmth in the waning autumn.

It's not just women who have children

Under the background that the traditional family mode of "male advocate outside, female advocate inside" has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the public, "Mr. NANNY" takes male as the leading role of parenting creatively, appeals to fathers to join in the pregnancy, face up to the maternal care, scientific care for the newborn, and arouse the strong approval of many female audiences. By focusing on the topic of "male social division of labor" and "male family responsibility" through the role of "shen xin wei", the play innovates the child-raising process in which the female leads in traditional family mode, expands more possibilities in the creation of child-rearing themes, and bears the function of transmitting social positive energy values from a unique perspective.

With a fresh cut Angle, I'm afraid I can't convince the audience without excellent interpretation. A group of young and middle-aged actors, represented byNicky Wu,and Li Xiaoran, joined forces with senior actors such asDi Xuand Zhidi Bai. Mr. NANNY presents a scene of beautiful urban life to the audience through the actors' natural performance and humorous narration.

Present contemporary life with "true" the drama selected by zhejiang satellite TV has an insight and temperature

Mr. NANNY takes the most ordinary urban life as the background of the story, and takes truth, sincerity and sincerity as the narrative dimension. It depicts the coexistence modes of different families and presents the active and vigorous contemporary life. Shen xinwei and nanna's daily care and warmth with each other have made many male audiences understand the hardship of women's childbirth and arouse their thoughts of returning to the family. The process from "routine continuous" to mutual trust between mother-in-law (Di Xu) and son-in-law shen xinwei provides the audience with a reference to "finalize mother-in-law strategy". The pairing of young couple ruan xi xi (Vivi Wang) and liu fei (Aoyan Dong) reflects the direct impact of parental control on children's happiness. MR NANNY breaks down popular prejudice against pregnancy and the workplace, passing on boundless expectations for a better life and encouraging urbanites to actively pursue a happy family life.

Zhejiang satellite TV has been committed to communicating humanistic care, with the temperature of good films and television comfort. In the past ten years, China blue has always taken the high standard of good works as the basis of drama selection, and launched a series of works that reflect life. The audience starts from the story and extends to life, and gains a more realistic feeling of watching the play: "how hard it is for pregnant women to give birth to their children, the hero knows all about it. After watching two episodes with my mother, it feels really life, hitting the pain point of modern women!" Zhejiang satellite TV has created an urban warm current through MR NANNY, which is dedicated to delivering warmth to the lives of audiences.

The show is ending this Sunday, and we're looking forward to the broadcast every day at 19:30.

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