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Nicky Wu tip off Li Xiaoran. netizen: you'll lose your girlfriend this way.

Yesterday, a # Li Xiaoran owe Nicky Wu, The popular weibo search of 500,000 people has attracted attention. What's wrong with the two's finances? Click in to see, it turns out that last night's new show on zhejiang TV," Mr. Yuesao ". In the episode aired last night,Li Xiaoranplays a white-collar city worker, nana, who is being targeted by thieves at a bar. Luckily, she is helped by a passing academic, doctor shen xinwei (Nicky Wu). At the beginning of the plot with a humorous surprise, the response to the show on the first day was enthusiastic, with many netizens commenting: "this god who doesn't follow the formula is very surprised at the beginning, I don't know if shen xin wei and nanna will change their love debt."

Nicky Wu has been transformed from a "500,000 creditor" to a "contract boyfriend" by her academic career.

The contemporary urban life dramaMr. Yuesaois based on the story of shen xinwei, a psychology doctor, and na na, a white-collar city worker. Because na honked her horn on the road where the horn was forbidden, shen xinwei, a principled person, "reported" her on the phone. Then they met again in the bar, shen xinwei saved nanna from the thieves, but nanna as kidnappers. It can be said that the plot development of the two people in the play is simply "counter-style", in the laughing and scolding between the audience, with a strong theatrical appeal. A netizen commented: "there is a sentence that you want to send to Dr. Shen, the great truth is easy to understand, life is not easy to understand, Dr. Shen you again so to the girl seriously reason, it is easy to lose her good."

In the trailer for tonight's plot, shen xinwei returned to China in anger for being framed for falsifying academic data and prepared to continue the development of "Dr. Shen center" with her brother zhang qingyang. Unexpectedly, shen xinwei was betrayed by his elder brother who absconded with the money. Forced to make a living, shen insisted on claiming 500,000 yuan from nanna. At this time, the parents have been urging to marry nanna is learning about the news of the boyfriend betrayal, to shen xinwei made a "contract boyfriend" request. The happy couple can play the role of "fake lovers", and how they will each solve the current dilemma, which requires the audience to pay attention to the episodes on zhejiang satellite TV tonight.

Bright group like display fireworks life picture scroll zhejiang wei and you rush to warm life together

As a contemporary urban life drama,Mr. Yuesaoopened its first episode with a firework urban life picture for the audience through a group of characters with distinct characters. By the "national mother-in-law" Di Xu Plays the tong meilin one opening is in the supermarket line to compete for promotion eggs, this life breath full of appearance has been praised unanimously by the net friend. Zhidi Bai Played by na an is the energetic "non-mainstream father" image, because love fashionable dress, love locomotive, na an is often tong meilin derision "old not serious".Mr. Yuesaohas a lively life scene, which makes the audience feel as if they are watching the neighborhood affairs. At the same time, the play discusses a number of social topics closely related to people's life in an easy and funny way, such as parents urging marriage and unmarried pregnancy, which triggers audience's thinking and resonance on family parenting and freedom of marriage and love.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the "Chinese blue" of zhejiang satellite TV, zhejiang satellite TV adopts such a firework drama to wrap up the audience with urban warmth and convey the positive power of running towards the warm life together. Every day at 19:30, lock the China blue theater of zhejiang satellite TV. WatchNicky Wu,and Li Xiaoran's rendition of money to debt.

Click to see:MR.NANNY episodes

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