Eng sub An oriental odyssey' Chinese drama ep 21, Ye Yuan and Mu Le couple finally fall in love with each other together.

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Eng sub An oriental odyssey' Chinese drama ep 21, Ye Yuan and Mu Le couple finally fall in love with each other together.

There are a lot of sweet romantic TV plays this season, including "Eternal love" Love you, love you, love your one life is not enough. Royal Highness Wives are all beautiful as flowers in Ming dynasty "The Duke of Mount Deer ". But there are few master-servant themes. But recently there was a divine drama called An Oriental Odyssey "which is very popular, first few eposides we saw Ye Yuan and Mu Le's happy daily life, the recent episodes of the plot to turn on, is more interesting! The daughter daughter fell into the enemy camp to become slave girl, the former servant is now the exotic prince? It's amazing to see the twist!

An Oriental Odyssey poster

Presented byWu Qian (actress), Zheng Yecheng , Yujian Zhang , kiki The leading role in the backward-looking ancient costume detective series "An Oriental Odyssey" is currently playing on tencent's video. The play by zhejiang Kwong Wa Jointly produced by ce & oergol, horgos & oergol & oergol & oergol and tencent computer system in shenzhen,Chou Hsiao Peng [1]Directed, Claire Denis The writers, Guoguan Liang As the artistic director, the network broadcast has achieved good performance since its inception. Series in the story background of Wu zetian period of the tang dynasty, about the fact ShiLang thousand gold leaf YuanAn, by the new generation actor Wu Qian (actress), and the mysterious amnesia household servant MuLe, played by small Yecheng fresh government, heroic catching head Zhao Lan, by Yujian Zhang plays, cooperate closely, three people together to break the mystery behind and foiled hidden in these cases the buddhist overpass take treasure nine star beads conspiracy. The drama is also ups and downs, people can not stop watching.

Mu Le with Ye Yuan

Wu Qian (actress-actress) as ye yuan-an, the daughter of the golden girl, always gives the impression in the beginning of the plot that she is an unrestrained and fearless lady. He led his adoptive house servants everywhere a chivalrous spirit. The result is often self-defeating. Instead, it is zhao LAN, with a sense of justice, who finally extricated himself from the situation. And the emergence of mh infanta thoroughly Ye Yuanan and Zhao Lan broke the rhythm of life, even if is the country has been helping to buddhist do bad things, but she herself also didn't think of that, she will fall in love with Zhao Lan of this fast, fate is such tricks on the world, is the country a lot of people think that she is a real "abdomen black woman", she had done all for myself, but love this thing, once in it, is cannot of give up.

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In the latest episode, ye yuan an takes on the role of the paladin to assassinate mueller in order to fight for the ball of heaven. Despite their defeat, the two men were still on the same page, and their feelings were rekindled when mueller did not punish her for bringing him around. However, zhao lanzhi was punished by the queen for his private release. But Ming hui refused his brother's proposal to "draw a clear line with zhao LAN", went to the palace to plead for his love, more willing to be punished in the cold water, and eventually frostbite fainted. Zhao was touched by her gesture and their originally tense relationship became more and more relaxed. Ye yuan 'an and mueller's "night CP" and zhao LAN's three love love triangle love and abuse of the heart continue, along with the main line. Looks like the guy before me Yang Lan Sum female advocate ye yuan an lang is beautiful and talented, actually two people a calm and rigid one is lively and bold but not really get along.

Zhan Lanzhi with Ming Hui.jpg

Whatever the story went ups and downs, still can not change my love. From "night cp", we not only saw the dramatic transformation from miss and servant to lady and prince, but also had a consistent love. Now the main line is more and more clear, and the plot is also cruel to sweet, let us continue to pay attention to the following plot development. See what that ends up being for us, and hopefully "An Oriental Odyssey" will continue to top the list for the season.

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