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Eternal Love 2 episodes eng sub Season 2 return! Different Scenario But familiar Sweet Romantic Story.

Eternal Love 2 arrived on  22 Oct

Linkeddb News November 2 The critically acclaimed time-travel Chinese costume drama "Eternal love 2" season two has arrived. It has shown on Oct 22,Tengent Video eng sub will come later.Although Eternal Love 2 episodes there are more and more time travel dramas nowadays. Since Scarlet Heart"acted out harem fight, and this year's hot broadcast Cinderella Chef "showed cooking skill. The sugar degree is higher and higher, but "Eternal Love 2" has been acclaimed for its refreshing imagination and various counterplots that explain what it means to fall in love. And the second season view aounts broke through 200 million viewers in first a few days, such a good result as expected is because this magic imagination, our hero  travaled through together again the ancient pursue to find lover song Qu Xiaotan, the rival this time was another himself in the past? !

Mo Liancheng fell in love with QuXiaotan again

Double time travel though ancient.He just wonna his lover back.

The second part of the plot continues the end of the first part, this time is the hero moliancheng traversing back to the modern to find the lost little sandalwood. Looking for a long time but no clues to integrate into the modern society from the long-term planning, finally he found sandalwood but was abducted by men in black, so desperate he chased up. However, he returned to the kingdom of east yue, and he was surprised to find that he returned to the time when he did not know himself, and in that world there was an identical self!

Mo liancheng and Qu Xiaotan sweet kiss

The hero had to change his appearance and changed his name to approach little sandalwood in secret. But this time, little sandalwood was caught in the world of the eight lords, according to the plot. Still have to the song small sandalwood the big king of the qing mei zhu ma's big Lord also has been chasing the female advocate not put. Our hero this time love enemy is more than the old rival in the first movie big prince, is also a veritable eight king's own mo lian city. In this world he is the real king and he can only hide his name, in fact, against the big king is good. At the moment, the man whose name had been invented did not think that the greatest rival for his wife was himself! In order to grab back his wife male Lord may be said to be under sufficient time, and see how these several people play the absenteeism many angles love!

8th Prince reading books

Different Scenario But familiar Sweet Romantic Story

Although the Eternal Love 2 episodes is a little complicated, but it won't be a problem to watch and enjoy it . In first season our heroine is a modern girl time travel to ancient fall in love with 8th Prince Mo Liancheng, this time is the couple double time traveled together, you are the wind I am the sand, seeking all over the world just to take you home again. The new plot is a familiar flavor. And this time the protagonist molian city's rival not only has a big Lord but also more than one of their own. It's so timeless that I'm green. That being said, the show is sweet no no no, well, the kind that kisses when you don't speak up, and the bathroom benefits almost come crashing down! All kinds of misunderstandings make people laugh, so those unintelligible imagination is actually not important, let us relax and be a quiet girl just watch it carefully.

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eternal love sweet couple

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