Tao Hong “Wonder” Call Call high reputation masterpiece warm winter

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By the Stephen Chbosky directed, Julia Roberts , Owen Wilson , Jacob Tremblay starring heart-warming inspirational movie " Wonder " will be held in the national release January 19. On January 4, the Academy of Social Sciences held a leading visual studio at the new Oscars in the City of Oscars, inviting numerous media to share the best films. The "Wonder" strong and tense narrative enriched the emotional connotations of multiple layers and captured all the spectators present heart of.

Warmheartedly into a tear bomb audience lamented "to carefully look at the world"

The advanced view of the movie, intended to bring the audience in advance to feel this warm inspirational movie brought shock and moved. After watching the movie, many people still have tears hanging on their faces. As a direct result, the experience of the young Ogi will make him feel a lot. He hopes that the real "Ogi" can grow up happily and healthily. While moving, the unique innocence of the children in the film and the love interaction between family members also make the audience smile and lament their heart to see the world, and everything may be different.

 Tao Hong

Advanced view video won the award inspirational story is full of energy

The film "Wonder" tells the story of a young boy with a natural facial deformity. Ogi eventually grows into a heartwarming "miracle" heartwarming story with everyone in his family. The film scores 8.1 on the professional movie review website IMDb, 86% on rotten tomatoes and 8.6 on watercress. After watching the movie, the audience expressed their love of the movie, saying "Wonder"'s warmhearted story resonates with the film. "The film is delicate and emotional in handling emotions, whether it is childish care among children or warm in the family Affection, are full of positive energy "," This movie will make your heart softer, will be able to better handle the relationship with the people around, "such as praise. I believe this moving and joyful movie will surely lead the first wave of 2018.


Tao Hong pro-promotion Ambassador Qingli recommended warmheartedly

"Not long ago, I was in Beijing watching the movie" Wonder. "In the process of seeing, tears have been spinning in the eyes, and so turned around and looked around, his small partner has long been tears in his face.

"The world is even more lovely when we treat the world with tenderness, is not it? I am an actress and a mom, actors are shots, mothers are born for love, and as a mom, I expect my daughters to be But also hope that she can learn bravely like Little Ogi in the face of adversity, learn to persevere in failure, and choose kindness in her confusion.Ogi's confidence has been hit to the bottom and there have been too many troubles on the road to growth, He always listened to his heart, chose kindness, and ultimately reap the applause and cheers that belong to him. "

"For me, it's really lucky to be the promotion ambassador for the movie" Wonder. "At the moment I watched the movie, I just could not wait to get the crying story of growing up, Love and warmth are passed to you who are reading this writing. "

If you choose to see, I believe this winter will be miraculously warm in 2018. What is "perfect world"? I believe that after reading the movie, kind and clever as you will understand me Well, let's say we see at the cinema. "


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