Wonder' Film Critic: Super cure melts your heart in every detail!

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On January 4, Star Alliance, in conjunction with the Oscars, organized a network of users to watch the annual warmest cure film " Wonder, " in advance, at the Oscars New City. The film burst into tears when it was released in North America at the time, and the rating on the professional website was as high as 8.1. Some media think "Wonder" "This is a rare excellent live-action movie, it is moving, giving the audience a strong sense of immersion." "A child with a physical defect can be so stubborn optimistic to survive , What other reasons do we have to complain about society and complain about life? "

 Wonder 剧照

Wonder tells the 10-year-old Ogi, a born facial deformity who had been self-educated with her mother at home. When he was in fifth grade, Ogi entered his parents' school for his carefully chosen school. There, Ogi will get along with principals, teachers and students with very different personalities. His unusual appearance has made him the focus of discussions among students and he has been ridiculed and excluded all the time. It seems that even new and easy friends are not too new trustworthy. Fortunately, in the process of growing up, Ogye's parents and elder sister have always been his strongest backing. With their support and care, Ogyi has influenced and inspired many people around him with his courage, kindness and intelligence. The friendship, respect and love, eventually grow into the incredible "miracle" in everyone's mind.

 Wonder 剧照

After watching the movie, the small stars watched the movie columns and interviewed the audience randomly. Almost all of the users' comments mentioned the keyword "too touched". Yes, "Wonder" is definitely the warmest cure film of the year, it is said that someone read this movie and found his own direction. There are netizens commented that this is in addition to animated films, the most suitable for parents to bring their children to see live-action movies, there is no derelict intentional manufacture traces of warm heart bridge, is the common life, but every detail will be warm Turn your heart and wake up the purest beauty in everyone's heart.

 Wonder 剧照

And "Wonder" warm and touching and sideways disclosure of the more rampant "campus bullying" incident in recent years. "Campus Bullying" is one of the main themes in this movie. It also beats the exclusionary psychology of the outside appearances of most "appearance associations" on the sidelines, so as to promote Duo Duo's efforts to make friends, long beauty and ugliness Inability to choose, but we can choose the kind, only good people to distribute the true beauty of aura.

 Wonder 剧照

"Wonder" kept a golden sentence from the beginning of 10 minutes, full of chicken broth, but if you fall into the scene of real life and put yourself in, you will find everywhere moved with tears and tears. For everyone to share a sentence in the movie is so Xiaobian touches "Each of us has a mark on the face, such as my wrinkles, my hair, they are like a map to tell others where I have been, experience What?

 Wonder 剧照

Finally, a warm reminder to go to the cinema to see when the film must bring a good paper towel, because you accidentally will burst into tears. Believe it or not, you come to see the film "Wonder" audience reviews, each one is touched.

 Wonder 剧照

Daisy Wong : "Wonder" is a very warm and touching video. Before I think I was talking about the protagonist boy, turned out to be Zhang Hui, everyone has a story everyone has a perspective everyone has a choice. Everyone is beautiful. Even fate and Ogi opened a joke, but love made his life an incredible miracle.

North Nose: "Wonder" is definitely a warm heart movie, moving at the same time is also very warm. No matter what time, please choose to live with love and kindness, through the film from start to finish through the golden sentence constantly, chicken soup full screen, such as Ogi mother said: Each of us have a mark on the face, such as my wrinkles, my White hair, they are like a map to tell others where I have been, experienced what, compared to its appearance, only our inner guide will lead the way to the future direction. The headmaster also said: He can not change his face, but the rest of us can change his eyesight. Yes! In fact, the same is true in this community, we face everything, we must take a variety of prejudice glasses, and then you will be surprised to find around and themselves will be a new look. Accept this "little sun" and let him be the warm sun in this cold winter! Wish "Wonder" box office big sale!

No regrets of youth: motivational movie "Wonder", so that many people spot on the scene are hung with tears on the scene, blunt little Ogi inspirational experience so that he felt a lot, I hope the reality of the small "Ogi" who can be so happy Healthy growth. In addition to being touched, the unique innocence of children in the film and the interaction of love between family members tell us that in order to see the world in an effort, everything may be different.

Qi Bing: read the "Wonder" point map, so I moved a mess. This warmhearted story is delicate and emotionally handled. Whether it is childish care among children or the warm affection of family, there is positive energy. As long as there is love, life will turn into an incredible miracle.

Cat: The movie is good, many places can touch the tears, really thought-provoking, the beginning of the little boy is very distressed, behind the little boy can play with you, in fact, more people in reality will be injured Become abnormal, inferiority, want to open my heart really hard, we should be kind, to treat the people and things around.

 Wonder 剧照

Bear Biscuits: "Wonder" tells how a young boy can change the way people think about him in a society that now has such a fanciful picture. It may be best to work tirelessly. When God closes a door for you, it also opens a window for you. Strong, confident is absolutely indispensable in the face of difficulties, efforts may fail, but without any effort will not succeed. Believe in miracles, believe in yourself.

January 19, "Wonder" will be released in major cinemas throughout the country, with your kindness and love to move the little boy.

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