《You》Ep1:Joe met Bei Ke in love at first sight Ben JieMing fell in love

JoeA knowledgeable librarian, he works and works hard every day and leads a simple life. One day, he met a beautiful girl in the library Bei Ke Joe fell in love with Bei Ke at first sight and fell in love with her. Joe tried to find a closer relationship with Bei Ke and finally got to know Bei Ke's name before checking out. Bei Ke found out Bei Ke's personal information on the Internet, and it was known that Bei Ke had been working hard and diligently for several jobs due to the pressure of life. Qiao came to the rented house of Bei Ke and looked at Bei Ke's busy figure through the clear glass window.

Joe is crazy about Bei Ke. He follows her day and night and wants to know about her private life. Joe has learned that Bei Ke is not good at making friends as well as bearing the burden of life. In order to be included in this circle of friends, Bei Ke has to go with the flow of life. Joe was secretly worried about Bei Ke.

Bei Ke's boyfriend Ben JieMing Bei Ke loves him very much. After Bei Ke learned about Ben JieMing's escapades from his friends, he wanted to part with Ben JieMing. However, he could not afford to be entangled and beaten by Ben JieMing, Bei Ke quickly returned to his life.

Joe gradually fell into a psychological deformity. In order to find the life atmosphere of Bei Ke, he even reported the air leakage in the gas pipe of Bei Ke anonymously and entered the rented house of Bei Ke. He stayed alone in the house looking for Bei Ke after the gas inspector left Smell. Bei Ke is also a university assistant. Bei Ke is keen on poetry. For the sake of his own life and ideal, Bei Ke had to compromise with the professor.

When Bei Ke went out, he called Ben JieMing and tried to comfort himself with his life, but Ben JieMing didn't reply. Bei Ke, left alone, went home sadly, unable to hide her sadness and broke down in tears.Befuddled Bei Ke turned on the tap to take a bath and rest. At this point, she received a call from her friends and decided to go to the bar alone to get drunk.

Joe, who had been hiding in the bathroom, heard everything and sneaked up to the bar with Bei Ke. In the bar, Bei Ke ordered a lot of wine to vent his grievances, and read the poem she wrote to Ben JieMing onstage. It was too poetic and sentimental, causing people to yell Bei Ke to leave. Unable to endure such humiliation for Bei Ke, Joe decided to fulfill his plan in advance and leave first. Which is known at the time of waiting for the bus, Joe accidentally saved stumble down the platform Bei Ke, rescued after Bei Ke recognized Joe is the manager of the library, in order to show his apologies and gratitude, Bei Ke by Joe sent home, out of the car before, Joe to Bei Ke for contact, Bei Ke lost my mobile phone, so we have to give Joe left his mailbox. Ben JieMing came to Bei Ke and learned that Bei Ke fell off the track ", and blithely dismissed it. Bei Ke was extremely disappointed. Joe secretly thinks Bei Ke is not worth it. He decides to use his ability to change Bei Ke's life. At this point, the two people began the real intersection of life.

Joe's neighbor is a single mother who lives alone with her son. Ever since her mother got a new boyfriend, the couple have been playing around with their son. Joe often borrowed books for him and occasionally showed him around the library's basement, a place where old books were kept and repaired, and where few people came.

Ben JieMing teamed up with a friend to invent a soda drink and was selling it. After checking out Ben JieMing's ads deliberately on the Internet, Joe designed to fool Ben JieMing into the basement. He knocked him out and imprisoned him.

The next day, Joe went to work as usual, Bei Ke gradually became fond of Joe, and went to the library to express Joe obliquely. Joe is happy to meet Bei Ke for dinner. Joe excused himself to the library basement and woke up Ben JieMing, who was in a coma. (source: story)

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