《You》Ep2:Bei Ke, professor of life resistance, went into a rage to kill her lover.

Bei Ke When I bought the new cell phone again, the first thing I did was give it to him Ben JieMing Ben JieMing went unanswered and Bei Ke was worried. She called around looking for Ben JieMing. Bei Ke couldn't have dreamed that her lost phone was now hiddenJoeIn addition, her reissued phone card will also log on to the veteran phone, which means Joe is using the phone to peep at Bei Ke's every move.

Joe kept sneaking around the rented house to peep at Bei Ke. When he learned that Bei Ke was still thinking of Ben JieMing, he made up his mind to help Bei Ke forget Ben JieMing. When Joe went to work in the morning, he hurried to the basement to check on Ben JieMing. Ben JieMing didn't recognize Joe. He thought he had no problem with the stranger in front of him. Joe only had Bei Ke in mind. He took out the heroin in Ben JieMing's wallet and questioned Ben JieMing. In the debate between them, he mentioned Bei Ke. Joe is ill at ease.

When Bei Ke asked Joe out to dinner, Joe was so happy. On the way, two people chatted happily, and suddenly, a telephone turned off the scene. It turned out that Bei Ke was searching for Ben JieMing and looking everywhere for the whereabouts of Ben JieMing. At this time, someone called her and told her that Ben JieMing was called away by a phone before he disappeared. Joe saw that and secretly decided he wanted to deal with Ben JieMing.

Joe in order to control Ben JieMing, with heroin inducements Ben JieMing, after got Ben JieMing phone password, Joe opened the Ben JieMing's mobile phone, he purposely decorate a Ben JieMing around romantic sentimental scenes, to send pictures to the Bei Ke, Bei Ke is chatting with friends to drink, after receiving the picture, see Ben JieMing is very enjoy, anger and pain in my heart. Bei Ke chatted with friends for a while, girlfriend Pi Qi She said her family would have a party tomorrow and she urged Bei Ke to come.Bei Ke agrees with Pi Qi gladly in order to comfort the depressed mood.

Joe told Ben JieMing that he overheard Bei Ke to be taught the hidden rules from the phone. He hoped that Ben JieMing would be able to see how hardworking Bei Ke was. He did not want Ben JieMing to turn his nose up at the expense of Bei Ke.

Joe didn't want to believe Ben JieMing's Bei Ke. He went to the bar to spy on him and saw the scene of Bei Ke's rebellion against the professor. The professor was flummoxed and fired Bei Ke's assistant on the spot, which means Bei Ke will lose the place where he lives. Bei Ke begged for nothing and couldn't help crying. She called Joe, hoping he would come to the bar to find her. In the bar, Joe and Bei Ke had a good talk. Bei Ke invited Joe to a dinner party with his friend Pi Qi's family. Bei Ke agreed.

The neighbor's son, paco, loved to read books. Joe felt sorry for paco's parents who often left him out of the house. One day, Joe, who was working, heard that paco had taken the keys to the basement alone. Joe panicked, dropped his work and ran to the basement. However, as soon as paco opened the door of the basement, Joe rushed over and stopped paco. When paco saw Joe with a serious face and thought he had done something wrong, he quickly apologized and ran out. Joe was in a cold sweat.

Joe came to the basement, he has been entangled with Ben JieMing to Bei Ke cheating, he ruthlessly ridicule Ben JieMing since the invention of the proud soda, Ben JieMing, kneel down to call Joe, let oneself, Jo went to himself and Bei Ke to Pi Qi together the appointment of family things told Ben JieMing, Ben JieMing said Bei Ke foils with Joe just for her. Ben JieMing pointed out that Joe doesn't fit into Bei Ke's vainglory style.

After Joe arrived at Pi Qi's home, Joe found that Ben JieMing was honest and his guests were rich and expensive, which made the humble Bei Ke seem at odds with Joe. Pi Qi is a gay person, and she likes Bei Ke very much. Seeing that Bei Ke brings Joe to the house to attend the banquet, she has an extra love enemy in her heart. Therefore, she stops Joe by the bookcase, confronts him with scouting eyes, and raises doubts about their acquaintance.

After Pi Qi left, Joe saw that Bei Ke was talking and laughing with people. He was confused, and could not tell which was the real Bei Ke.After a while, Bei Ke found the roof. Joe couldn't understand why Bei Ke had to be included in the circle that did not belong to her. Bei Ke told Joe about the indiscretion of being sponsored by Pi Qi When, reserve oneself bottom line, want her to learn to protect oneself.

When Bei Ke heard Joe's words, he wanted to leave with him. When he left, a good friend of candice's ex-girlfriend saw him and stopped him to talk about candice's sudden death. Seeing that, Bei Ke decided to help Joe get rid of the embarrassment.

When Joe came home, he met paco who was wandering at home. Knowing that he had treated paco badly last time, he took out a favorite story book and gave it to paco. Ben JieMing was trapped for a few days, which was tantamount to collapse for the freewheeling second generation of rich kids. He was helpless, and showed him the evidence of his teasing death with his friends, hoping that Joe could see the world again while holding hands with each other.

Bei Ke heeded Joe's advice and summoned the courage to threaten the professor with evidence, saving both his teaching assistant position and his house. This made Bei Ke more convinced by Joe, so she brought her carefully selected cakes to the library and gave them to him.

Joe brought in Ben JieMing's favorite latte intentionally. Ben JieMing thought that Joe wanted to release himself after seeing the evidence. He was so happy that he drank coffee without any preparation. It turns out that Joe accidentally learned that Ben JieMing had a fatal peanut allergy and used it to kill him.

Joe often USES Ben JieMing's mobile phone to display some pictures of Ben JieMing's decadent life. Bei Ke always thinks that Ben JieMing is a stupid guy who can't change his dog's excrement and is unwilling to listen to Ben JieMing anymore. Now, Ben JieMing is dead, and his phone is no longer useful, and Joe put it on the ceiling of the toilet vent, the secret he Shared with paco. (source: story)

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