《You》Ep4:The 'Bei Ke heartache secret was discovered that Joe tracked Bei to attract attention

Bei Ke withJoeAfter being happy, Bei Ke went to the bathroom to play with his mobile phone. At this time, Bei Ke was invited by a man named captain, who asked him to reserve a room on the beach and transferred some money to Bei Ke. Seeing that Bei Ke could not get out of the toilet, qiao secretly took out Bei Ke's old mobile phone and looked up and found Bei Ke's private chat with the captain. He is angry that Bei Ke is interacting with others as well as himself. They hurried off with Bei Ke. Bei Ke came out at the sound, but no one was in bed.

Bei Ke to Pi Qi When they borrow clothes, Pi Qi wants Bei Ke to go to the Oriental culture hotel with them to play. Bei Ke has a prior engagement and then falsely claims that he wants to write in other places. Pi Qi encourages Bei Ke to write to dig the soul deep inside. She advises Bei Ke to love herself and hopes she stays away from Joe who is obsessed with Bei Ke.

Joe watched the Bei Ke's move from his phone as he went to work. He learned that Bei Ke had been booked at the seahorse hotel When a room, hurriedly leave to trace. Bei Ke arrived at the hotel, and as soon as he was settled in, the captain drove over. When Bei Ke heard the car crash and walked out of the room, she quickly came up to the captain and hugged him tightly, affectionately calling each other's father. Joe was surprised to peek behind the curtains at the aging captain, but even more surprised when he heard Bei Ke call each other daddy. It turns out that Bei Ke claimed to have lost his father since he was a child.

Bei Ke took his father into the room and went into the bedroom to change clothes. They talked for a long time without a word. It turned out that he asked Bei Ke to meet his current wife while attending dickens festival. After changing her clothes, Bei Ke left with her father. Curious about Bei Ke's lie on social media, Joe hurried to follow suit.

Bei Ke followed her father to the dickens activity. Under the guidance of her father, she said hello to her stepmother Nancy reluctantly, and qiao could not adapt to the new family.Later, Nancy secretly advised Bei Ke not to damage her father's current family while he was resting. Bei Ke was not impressed. After Nancy left, her daughter mia told Bei Ke that her mother is pregnant and her father may not be able to send money to Bei Ke. Bei Ke believes that by doing this, he is abandoning himself and his mother and reorganizing his family.

Bei Ke is upset and sneaks out to find a drink. She sends a text message to Pi Qi, but the Pi Qi has no interest in the past, which makes Bei Ke very disappointed. Pi Qi came to the library to look for Joe. She asked Yin sang about the first edition of princess ozma. Yin told Pi Qi that all the precious books were hidden in the basement by Joe, and the keys of the basement were also taken by Joe. Pi Qi wanted to explore the basement, but Yin sang told Joe he was out of town. When Pi Qi heard that things were not so simple, he called Bei Ke and told her that Bei Ke qiao was tracking her. Joe, who was eyeing Bei Ke, also received a phone call from Yin sang, who described roughly the appearance and origin of Pi Qi to Joe, and Joe guessed Pi Qi.

After knowing that Joe had come to dickens festival, Bei Ke looked for Joe everywhere. Joe hung up the phone and searched for countermeasures. Soon, he thought of a way and let Bei Ke find himself naturally.

When Bei Ke was surprised to see Joe, he immediately pretended to be surprised and said hello to Bei Ke. Bei Ke asked Joe about his purpose of coming here, and Joe disguised himself as a shop assistant. After that, Bei Ke introduced Joe to father and Nancy and Nancy invited them to have dinner together. When the two chatted before dinner, Bei Ke told qiao about her father's coming back from the dead and hiding his father's life online.

During the dinner, Bei Ke kept chasing her father back to the happy past, which aroused Nancy's revulsion, and Nancy and Bei Ke got into an argument in person. Bei Ke was upset and went to the beach to recover from his injuries alone. However, when Joe came forward to comfort Bei Ke and tried to help him solve his family problems, he was scolded by Bei Ke.

Originally, Bei Ke's father was out of onset of drug addiction to control, came home, later, I was saved by church friend of dad dad gradually integrated into the church, and to know the divorce of Nancy, he abandoned Bei Ke's mother, family and Nancy, that Bei Ke mother pain, every day living in the perdition of purgatory. This is a huge pain for Bei Ke. Before his father left, Bei Ke sent a check to Bei Ke. Bei Ke summoned up the courage to tell his father what he had been saying for many years.

Late at night, Bei Ke sadly posted her messy mood on the Internet, which was appreciated by many people, including her rival bryce. That makes Bei Ke feel better.

After packing up and looking at her sexy self in the mirror, Bei Ke thought of Joe and found room number seven and knocked on the door. Joe is in the room while abnormal enjoying yourself from Bei Ke rent the house stolen lingerie, while online observation Bei Ke, Bei Ke to see Joe after word, come forward to kiss the Qiao Jin house, Joe scrambling to deal with, while Bei Ke do not pay attention to these hid hide things one by one and Bei Ke passion ignited Joe's heart, so two people quickly burning up each other's world.

Joe was happy to see Bei Ke talking highly of himself in front of his friends. He took advantage of the Bei Ke asleep, into the toilet ceiling and took out his stolen from Pi Qi family "ozma princess", he did not intend to take the valuable books, when the night is also secretly will book to the Pi Qi, Pi, Qi browsing the bookcase, see illustration books, is an accident, heart full of doubts. Standing in the darkness, Joe secretly decided not to let Pi Qi become an obstacle to their development. (source: story)

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