Big root's dream life(TV)[2015]
Big root's dream life(TV)[2015]

《Big root's dream life》Ep34:episode 34

Gao Bo wants to invite big roots to work as a project manager and commend big roots for getting down to earth. Han Bing goes back to work on his new dream and apologizes for leaving. Xia Tian doesn't care about it at all. When Gao Bo's new company faced an investment problem, he asked lu dongming to help him invest in the company. Han Bing, learning that Ma Ke had been cheated, rushed to help Ma Ke. Han Bing borrows money from Xia Tian for Ma Ke. Xia Tian doesn't hate Ma Ke and cherishes the friendship of the three people. Xia Tian found Ma Ke and asked him to go back to the new dream and start again. Yu ChaoQun proposed to Dong JiaoJiao in the office. She said yes, but she didn't see it. She insisted that they ask for it again.

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