Big root's dream life(TV)[2015]
Big root's dream life(TV)[2015]

《Big root's dream life》Ep13:episode 13

The sales manager pushed the client who seemed to have no money to buy a house to big roots, who took him to see the house and told him honestly about the house's shortcomings. Mr. Wang marveled at the practice of big roots, who said he only wanted customers to be able to buy desirable homes. Uncle wang was touched, but the sales manager scolded him. When lu informed dagen regretfully that the agreed deadline was due, uncle wang came to buy a house and appointed to sign a contract with dagen. Finally, big root sold the house on schedule and got the order from lu. Big root cried with joy. Everyone was surprised and pleased to hear the news of big roots' departure. Dagen returned to his new dream and won a $100,000 bonus for being a regular employee and sales champion at the awards. Excited, he and Liu MingLun counted their winnings at home several times.

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