Big root's dream life(TV)[2015]
Big root's dream life(TV)[2015]

《Big root's dream life》Ep16:episode 16

Zhang Nan was seriously ill, and dagen rushed to the hospital in a hurry after receiving a call. The doctor told him that Zhang Nan needed surgery or his life would be in danger. The cost of 20,000-30,000 yuan was a big problem, but he did not excuse himself and asked the doctor to prepare for the operation. Forced to borrow money from Liu MingLun, who denied that he had an affair with Zhang Nan. Liu MingLun didn't understand why big roots helped Zhang Nan, who was friendless, and refused to borrow money. Big root had to go home to look for the passbook first, not expected Gui Hua to save the passbook to hide up, two people have an argument but break up. Eventually, he had to borrow money from Gao Bo, who also questioned his relationship with Zhang Nan. With the help of Gao Bo, Zhang Nan underwent the operation smoothly. But Gui Hua is jealous and angry and wants to leave. Big roots begged hard and finally asked Gui Hua for forgiveness.

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