Flying Fairy(TV)[2006]
Flying Fairy(TV)[2006]

《Flying Fairy》Ep1:episode 1

Thousands by County Pei Ying College Rehearsal Drama "Everywhere apart," tells the story of a fairy love. The end of the story separated cents, Tong Yuan students feel that people should love to break through the difficulties, eventually married. Tong Yuan kite met Yu Di's youngest daughter, Qi Xiao Qi, who is exactly the same kind of jade boy he loves since his teacher Lao FuZi 50 years ago. Second Sister sister was therefore imprisoned Netherland. If she does not want to repent, she will be physically and mentally melted and she will never overstay. College boys secretly Longfeng shop owner Mei Feng's daughter Saijin. Saigin has a soft spot for Shang GuanHaoQi. Xian Ling Cui Niang Cui Niang self-proclaimed one of the county's first beauty, love the limelight, as the most beloved gold as the number one enemy. Xiao Qi to save Erxian sister, stole the mortal find Tongyuan help, two people began a romance.

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