Flying Fairy(TV)[2006]
Flying Fairy(TV)[2006]

《Flying Fairy》Cast

Dong Yong Ge Hu Play)

A very upright, full of Sunlight big boy, he set all the world's advantages in one, and one of the most prominent point is filial piety! The strengths of other people in Dong Yong are all derived from his filial piety - for his mother, after giving birth to him in his early years, has been in a state of unhealthiness and suffering from "postpartum melancholyness" which has become extremely emotional. Dong Yong father see the situation, very sad, once in a moment my heart said: "I really regret so that you keep a permanent child!" Father's carefree phrase, but hit the young Yongxin. But he was born a very positive man, he did not blame his parents, but vowed to be a good man, do not let the mother regretted having given birth to him. Therefore, Dong Yong has high demands on himself, but he is very generous to himself, to his friends and to those around him.

Ge Hu

Hugo (Chinese: 胡歌, born 20 September 1982) is a famous Chinese actor and singer. While studying at the Shanghai Theater Academy, he was invited to play the leading role Li Xiaoyao in the 2005 television series Chinese Paladin, and immediately skyrocketed to fame as one of China's most popular actors. In September 2012, he was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 31st Hundred Flowers Awards for his role as Lin Juemin in Chinese historical film 1911. He is best known for his role as Mei Changsu in the 2015 television drama Nirvana in Fire, for which he received the Best Actor Award at the 22nd Magnolia Awards. Hu Ge is currently managed by Hu Ge Studio, contracted under Tangren Media.

Xiao Qi Ariel Lin Play)

If Yu Di seven princesses have personal skills, then Xiao Qi's expertise is naughty! She is the youngest daughter of Yu Di and Wang Mu, Yu Di, and has no time to take care of her family affairs. Xiao Qi has long been spoiled by Wang Mu, but has her pet into a little devil! She loves to hunt injustice and often sabotage the order of heaven. Her clear-cut mood and confession, however, always remind people and God around them of a new system. However, because Xiao Qi often "defy the rule of law," Yu Di was finally angered. Yu Di had to punish Xiao Qi for keeping the order of heaven by shutting her down in the "Nether Garden" and demeaning her! Hand over to Dong Yong! Yu Di feared Dong Yong could not control the rascal and thought for another idea: wear a non-removable earring for Xiao Qi, which has a reward and punishment system. If done well, the earrings will be crystal clear. If done Bad things, it becomes a group of black stones.

Ariel Lin

Ariel Lin (Chinese: 林依晨; born 29 October 1982) is a Taiwanese actress and singer. She rose to fame for her role as Yuan Xiangqin in the Taiwanese drama It Started with a Kiss (2005) and the Chinese fantasy drama The Little Fairy (2006). Lin won Best Actress at the 43rd and 47th Golden Bell Awards for her roles in They Kiss Again (2007) and In Time with You (2011) respectively.

Long GuangBiao Ariel Lin Play)

Ariel Lin

Ariel Lin (Chinese: 林依晨; born 29 October 1982) is a Taiwanese actress and singer. She rose to fame for her role as Yuan Xiangqin in the Taiwanese drama It Started with a Kiss (2005) and the Chinese fantasy drama The Little Fairy (2006). Lin won Best Actress at the 43rd and 47th Golden Bell Awards for her roles in They Kiss Again (2007) and In Time with You (2011) respectively.

Shang GuanHaoQi Bobby Dou Play)

Shang GuanHaoQi is a famous door, he was born with an unspeakable extravagance; he was noble, good temperament, taste noble; Hooge full of ambition, but life fate - parents premature death, he is the only successor of the family. Shangguan left just a prominent reputation, but the lack of sources of income, the surface scenery is difficult to maintain, life is very tight. Hao Qi in childhood, has tasted the warmth of human nature, has long seen through the world of hypocrites. So, he is more mature than his peers. Slightly solemn appearance, in fact, more sensitive than anyone else, hot, just used to be ridiculed and cold, accustomed to arrogance to protect himself. Hao Qi would like to work steadily, but in addition to senior officials, his grandmother will never let him do anything to make ends meet! Stubborn grandmother that fame once slipped, it is difficult to come back, so would rather starve, but also oath that is not the real aristocratic signs!

Bobby Dou

Bobby Dou (Bobby Dou), born September 28, 1979 in Taipei, Taiwan, film and television actor in China Taiwan, pop singer. 1998, debut solo album "Cool Eyes", which officially entered the showbiz. In 2000, fought in the development of the drama industry, starred in the first personal drama "big hospital physician." In 2001, starring urban love drama "hundred percent girls." In 2004, starring urban love idol drama "Love storm beautiful 99". In 2005, in the costume fairy tale "Flying Fairy" Shangguan Hao Qi; the same year, in the costume martial arts drama "Blood Sword" actor Cheng Yuan Cheng Chi. In 2007, won the Best Drama Award for the third drama newcomer award. In 2008, starring urban emotional drama "Morning Glory days." In 2010, starring urban emotional drama "love a bit blue." In 2012, starring romantic love drama "True love take advantage of now." In 2014, she played Zheng Yingjie in the urban love idol drama "Hoping to Fall in Love". In 2016, the hit comedy "Happy Home" premiered. In 2017, starring musical "love you, my mom! ".

More《Flying Fairy》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
(None) Fu YuanBao With Yonghe Qi is a good friend, "Thousand Knights III" in a child. Love all the interesting stuff, especially the "magic", but most of the failure is the story of the most able to bring a sense of comic people. When his death was just around the corner, when others were crying, he would only think of a sumptuous supper of last supper and laughter to say goodbye to the world. He is in fact very loyal to his friends, casual. Is the most intelligent of the Three Musketeers! If he was born in a slightly normal family, it will become an amplifier. Unfortunately, he has a money-fate, generous father Fu Shan, so he went to the other extreme. Po and good father-son relationship is only based on the money above, in fact, not warm. Po feel good to be better than a cow more hard, it is vain! Po does not want to be the second good, he believes that life is a big playground, come and gone, why make your own pain? The only truth is to enjoy! Be sure to have fun! He has a very modern thought of the end of the world.
Florence Tan Cui Niang The magistrate's daughter, self-styled Chien-jen first beauty. The description is self-styled, of course, she actually is not considered a veritable beauty. But rare is that she has a superb self-confidence, she absolutely feel self-styled beauty is very reasonable, or even deserved. Therefore, the status quo Tsui walk is always enraged. She is an official Miss, spoiled by her parents since childhood, living conditions are excellent, she believes the world to her own as the center, he is a peony, others are green leaves. But in fact, Tsui's character seems to have many shortcomings, but in fact she does not hate, in turn, there is a little bit of the cute. Strictly speaking, she was only avant-garde people for more than a thousand years. If she is placed in the modern age, she is a modern fashionable woman who confidently and autonomously strives to openly pursue her favorite people and things. Later, she and Po married, do not live with good law, joking very.
Cecilia Han Xiang XueHai Snow sea this is the little cuddly favored by the royal mother. Her nature is pure, beautiful and sexy. To the most holy, for a love at first sight of her mortal, willing to bear monstrous charges, fled to the mortal world, to become mortal and loved ones together - she was willing to give up the millennium eternal life, just to beloved man Keep a short life! At the same time, she also has the characteristics of cats, will be jealous. Xue Hai and Hao Ning has the love of the third world she finally Haoqi itself, not with him as one, after seeing a Xiang XueHai, Xue Xue vanished.
Kwan-Ho Tse Lao Zi (Lao Xin Rong) Lao FuZi, formerly known as Lao Xin Rong. It is the most learned person in Chiaki County. He has a scholarly style typical of ancient schools, speaks and chews words, behaves politely. However, there was a clear distinction from the scholars of that time. Apart from emphasizing knowledge and focusing on the physique and artistic accomplishments of students, his volunteerism was to make students not only have literary talent but also physical integrity. Labors proficient in several foreign languages, it is a scientific believer! Why are you interested in science, in fact, he wanted to prove that love at first sight a few decades ago in the end is a woman is immortal! It turned out that when young Lao FuZi had with Xiao Qi Erxian sister had a romantic affair. Er Xianjie chic leave, labor but sadly eliminate the soul for decades, he never married, only guarding the fairy sister leaving the hairpin, hope one day with the second cents sister reunited. First dozens of contained, blink of an eye already. Xiao Qi's emergence, as a fairy she gives a great impact on labor.
Kwan-Ho Tse Lao FuZi No introduction
Phyllis Quek Two fairies (children) Quiet, a little indifferent, words are Da XianNv, Da XianNv is also the master of everything, so this is most happy when the second sister, she most likes to autistic in the huge Tibetan scriptures in reading practicing the piano, the artist's talent , Tian Guan's paintings and all the art and music come from Er XianNv's handwriting. But also has the artist's shortcomings: trimming the edge, the clothes do not change for seven days is a mess, it seems a bit messy dirty, from time to time by Da XianNv to shampoo bath. One day, Er XianNv arranged a temple for a festival, but gave Xiao Qi a fantastical twist on the broken small ladder. She fell to the mortal world and was fortunate enough to hold her immortal life. The hero of saving the United States was young Lao FuZi! Because of the common interest in art, they have a brief love, but the two cents sister know immortal, soon to withdraw, deliberately left the hairpin, never dreamed that the original Lao FuZi for her, Life and loneliness as partners!
Phyllis Quek Er XianNv No introduction
Yi Lv Li SaiJin Excessive "tofu Xishi" Feng's daughter, like a girl next door, fresh and pleasant; gold on life and love are full of longing, she is more than the average person more faithful and persistent love, she can sacrifice everything for the beloved, To the end, but unfortunately she put the wrong love on the body, the result in exchange for a tragedy. Gold is the dream of all the men in the academy, whose mother wants her to marry non-rich and expensive people, but she has chosen to fall in love with her family. Is Feng to stop, or Xiao Qi mischief, her love of Qi still unshaken ─ ─ then see Qi change their heart to Xiang XueHai, the public side of curse karma, that the gold will give up on the occasion, how the money is more To obsessively, not only has no hatred of Qi, but just feel that he is not good enough, will make Qi to pursue better, so more positive change to meet Ki!
Michelle Saram Ma NaNa Western princesses, proud, brave, honest and honest. She hopes to find true love, hears the truth that a piece of boulder in a certain place in China can make a lover want to realize her, and she escapes the arranged marriage and gets her love. Unluckily met the thief, stole the whole package, without the help of the well-intentioned Dong Yong help, but planted the root, with Xiao Qi become rivals. The two women unfurled things fairy / magic witch fight; finally freemasonry, Na is the world's first to know that Xiao Qi is the secret of the fairy. Na is very smart, but like to eat candy, as long as the candy is easily deceived. Young and old teeth are almost completely broken, with the dental braces invented by Lao FuZi only to avoid the full loss of teeth. Dong Yong later learned that love is Xiao Qi, immediately dodge and eventually sacrificed for Dong Yong and Xiao Qi. In the last breath breath, Dong Yong and Xiao Qi send Na to the wishing stone, and finally fulfill Na's wish ─ ─ her wish is that they have a lover get married!
(None) Fu Shan No introduction
Qianqian Wu Wang Mu Wang Mu is a very considerate woman, so although she marries Yu Di, who is always busy with her neglect, she has no complaints. She has a great interest in life, making the palace warm and comfortable, and occasionally conceiving some gadgets, so that the seven daughters happily spend a happy evening. However, Wang Mu still felt a bit deficient. Therefore, when Xiao Qi grew up to be a girl, she started to organize activities for women from all walks of life. She devoted her life to helping the poor children and the elderly, To the world.
Elvis Tsui Yu Di Do not think that being a priest is a very enjoyable thing. There have always been many Huang Di, such as Yongzheng, who are said to have been "too corrupted." When the king of the earth is fine, he may die as a period of rest, but the king of that day will never come! In fact, Yu Di also longs for a good rest and enjoyment of family life. On the other hand, he does not mean to be indulged in the pleasure of being private, so he plays the leading role every day. Like many successful men, Yu Di is in charge of government affairs When there is an inexpressible charm.
Yueli Yue Dong QianFa No introduction
Qinqin Li Dong WenPin No introduction
Wang Lei Mei Feng No introduction
(None) Tu Di No introduction
Yi Zhao Er LangShen No introduction
Fengbin Mo Xin Ba No introduction
Yan Yong 瑄 Shang GuanNianZu No introduction
Li Bai Xuan Da XianNv No introduction
(None) San XianNv No introduction
Nien Wan Si XianNv No introduction
Amanda Wu XianNv No introduction
Yiling Li Liu XianNv No introduction
Bian Yuan Yun JianFei No introduction
Dehua Zhou Li Yong No introduction
Zhenhua Han Xian Ling No introduction
Mao Su Hong XiWangYe No introduction
Ming Er Guo Shi Ye No introduction
Bing Li Jian WenGongZhu No introduction
Zhi Han Lin AnYiBa No introduction
Qingxiang Li Ba Fu No introduction
Zhuang Jin Guan Yin No introduction
Xiaobo Yang Xing Hua No introduction
Qi Ming She Mo No introduction
Xu Ming Huang Di No introduction
Secretary source Ma Cheng No introduction
Liu Jianwei Huo JiaoTou No introduction
Lou Yajiang Nie Tong No introduction
Bojun Zhang Cai Shen No introduction
Shi Chang Jin Tai ShangLaoJun No introduction
Sunlight Pei YingXiaoZhang No introduction
Calocedrus formosana Zhang Xi No introduction
Lin Jiajun A Su No introduction

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