Flying Fairy(TV)[2006]
Flying Fairy(TV)[2006]
Flying Fairy(TV)[2006]

Flying Fairy(TV)[2006]

Episode: 38 Area: inside China
Stars: Ge Hu Ariel Lin Ariel Lin More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Leo Huang Shengquan Liang Year: 2006
Writer: Chi Saan Dang Genre: Costumes | Myths | Love
Producer: Xiao white Huang Bi

《Flying Fairy》Episodes

This is a beautiful romantic romance, the story adapted from the folk legend "angel match." In the majestic heaven, a group of happy little fairies live, they are the elves in the sky, gods pets. Xiao Qi is one of the smallest but most naughty. On the 1st, Xiao Qi was a self-serving fan of saving the fairy sister. The stories of Dong Yong, Shanggao Hao Qi and Fu Yuan Bao and the young girl Saqin from the three young Xianqian counties were also started with the arrival of Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi found the lover Lao FuZi on the day of the second sister and misunderstood his feelings about her sister Dong Yong also made her the opposite. Two people in the process of mutual goodwill. Xiao Di was captured by Er LangShen in heaven, and Xiao Qi, who disappeared without a trace, was like a dream to Dong Yong. Under the wrath of Yu Di unplugged Xiao Qi's sentiment, turned her into a stingy kid - Long GuangBiao and fell into the world to learn the truth of life. Honest and kind-hearted Dong Yong is a well-established example of the celestial immortal celestial bodies, so Xiao Qi was brought to Dong for instruction by Tu Di. Prank in the heaven was Xiao Qi moved to the earth, she mischievously mischief, stir up trouble everywhere, stir Chishan county cocks uncomfortable. Dong parents, Fu and his son, the Shangshangzuzu, Saijin mother and daughter and other people in her make fun of miserable!

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