Episode: 77 Area: China
Stars: Jiayi Zhang Bing He Hailu Qin More>> Language:
Director: Jin Liu Year: 2016
Writer: Chen Zhongshi Jie Shen Genre: Age


The play is a history of 50 years of the Wei River Plain in the early 20th century. Special "White Deer Plains" poster version of the special background, Guanzhong strong customs, the Agrarian Revolutionary War, the War of Liberation, the ancient land, staged scenes of soul-stirring scenes. In the play Zhu XianSheng sticks to the traditional morality, Bai JiaXuan hardworking and selfishness, Lu ZiLin Succeed, Bai XiaoWen emotional twists and turns, Bai Ling went to revolution, Hei Wa was forced to bandit, Lu ZhaoPeng pursuit of ideals, Lu ZhaoHai sacrifice, interpretation The two families of different generations, twists and turns of life trajectory and destiny. The endless revolution of the Great Revolution, the invading crisis of the Japanese invaders, the social turmoil in the civil war in the past three years, the change in the history of the White Deer and the trembling of old land in the throes of pains, the root cause of the Chinese nation must be inherited in baptism and the reform must be renewed in the old system and mode of production Rewrite, usher in bright sunshine.

Plot Summary>>

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