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Jin Liu


  • Male
  • Chang'an City
Emperor mourn examinations (113 BC - 91 BC), Liu Jin, the father of Liu Xuan of Han Xuandi, Liu Che-sun Han Empire, and Prince Liu of Lao Zi. Liu Jin was born in Yuan Ding four years (113 years ago). Due to the mother Shi Liangdi, so the history of the emperor. During the first and second years (the first 91), Liu Jin and his wife Wang Wengsu and their sisters were both killed (not punished) and buried outside the XuanPeng Gate (East Gate) Kwong Ming Court North, after the chase to Fengming Park. In the first year of Yuan Ping (former 74 years), in July, Geng Shen, his son Liu Liu had inherited the throne with "Emperor of Orthodoxy" and was Emperor Han Xuan. The first year (the first 73 years), Xuan Di "than the princes kingdom" reincarnation Liu Jin couple, chasing Liu Jin said mourning, its cemetery said the park. This site in Xi'an Wenjing Park. In the first year of Yuan Kang (65 years ago), XuanDi according to the Heavenly Sovereignty specifications, his father, Liu Jin, respected the Emperor of the Imperial Examination, established the imperial temple, and added Fengmingyuan's household as Lingyi.

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