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Bing He

Bing He


  • Male
  • Taurus
  • 178
  • 1968-04-26
  • Beijing, China
Born in Beijing on April 26, 1968, Bing He graduated from the Performance Department of the Central Academy of Drama in 1991, the actor of Beijing People's Art Theater, and the actor at the national level. In 1993 drama "bird" played a popular role "yellow hair." In 1994, he participated in the drama "Three Kingdoms." In 1999 won the sixteenth drama plum award. 2004 won the second plum prize. In 2005 "big Song mentioning torture officer" plays "Song Ci." 2007 starring "Tiandaadi" as "Feng Zhongqiu". In 2013, she performed "Woman Gang" as "Zhang Zong". 2014 In "Xishan bandits" as "Ye Long". In 2015, starring drama "beggars big shopkeeper", plays Li Qiuchen. In November 2016, recorded the first domestic file is also the only one star full screen read letter program "see the word as the surface." April 2017, participating in the epic legendary masterpiece "White Deer"; June, co-starring with Ho Yue manga entertainment produced reality show "super idol idol." In 2017 August, starred in the movie "I am Marbury", as Marbury coach Zheng Ya Lei.

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