Amidst the misty(TV)[1986]
Amidst the misty(TV)[1986]

《Amidst the misty》Ep1:episode 1

Commander Lu ZhenHua ignores the civilians Fu WenPei has been assigned to others, strong ceremony to marry her when the eight aunt too, Wenpei parents Zhenhua contempt marriage, dare to speak out anger. Soon, Zhenhua and marry the actor Wang XueQin, Wen Pei out of favor. Wenpei and daughter Yiping depend on each other, in addition to rent a house. One day, according to raining to Lu family to take the living expenses, because of dissatisfaction with Zhenhua and Xueqin and their children Elmer, such as Ping, Meng Ping, Erjie's luxury of life, but to be thin with their own mother, then out of a speech hit Zhenhua. Zhenhua Fury hands-on fight Yiping, Lu family no one willing to come forward for her love, stingy personality Yiping refused to accept this Zhenhua living expenses.

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