Amidst the misty(TV)[1986]
Amidst the misty(TV)[1986]

《Amidst the misty》Cast

He ShuHuan Han Chin Play)

Han Chin

Han Chin, whose real name is Sun Xiangzhong, was born on April 24, 1946 in Shanghai, China. His ancestral home is Sichuan Huayang, an actor in Taiwan of China. She studied at Shihlin Middle School, Kaiping High School. In 1966 graduated from the film actor training class. His father is a senior KMT general, Sun Yuanliang anti-Japanese star. In 1977, won the Best Actor in Panama Film Festival with "Yan Shui Han", the "Most Popular Male Star" in the 22nd Asian Film Festival; In 1978, "The Ship in the Ocean" won the fifteenth Taiwan Golden Horse Film Awards Best Actor, Best Actor for the 25th Asia Pacific Film Festival; 1988 "The Courtyard Deep" won the Golden Lion Award for Best Actor for the First Chinese Film and Video Film Festival in France. Too many Qiong Yao performances, including films and TV shows. In 2014, Han Chin joined with Zeng Jiang, Ray Ke Seng and Niu Ben to participate in the grand scheme of Shanghai Oriental TV. In June 2015, Han Chin should be invited by Phoenix TV's "Let's go together" section of the "Walk the battlefield" series program to reintroduce his father's path of resistance to war and restore historical facts to the Chinese nation for the purpose of defending their homeland The history of fighting tribute, across Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guizhou, Chongqing, four, broadcast in four episodes. Han Chin and Qin Xianglin, Lin Feng Jiao and Brigitte Lin collectively known as "two Qin Lin." Performing career up to nearly half a century, a total interpretation of hundreds of films, nearly 30 TV series.

Lu YiPing Hsueh-hua Liu Play)

Hsueh-hua Liu

Liu Sue-Hua, also known as Leanne Liu, is a Golden Bell Award-winning Hong Kong actress born in Beijing.

Lu ZhenHua Feng Gou Play)

Feng Gou

Director 1. Yi Dan (1973) Starring: 1. Love Lord of the Rings (2004) - Du Baocheng 2. Love in the Shining Star (2004) - Yiu Chun 3. Mad Love Tornado (2003) (1995) - Wang Zhanpeng 5. Dumb Wife (1990) 6. Amidst the Rainstorm (1986) - Lu Zhenhua 7. Several Sunset Sun Hung (1986) - Yang Mingyuan.

Fu WenPei Zeng Yajun Play)

Zeng Yajun

Zeng Yajun, film actor, Qiong Yao's usual actor. In 1987 with the "give her to you" won the Golden Bell Award for best actress, has starred in the "Four Golden Hairpin", "Jinghua smoke", "Seven Seas swim dragon" "Legend of Liu Bowen", "Bao Qingtian" and other plays.

More《Amidst the misty》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Mark Lu ErHao No introduction
Yung-Hsin Chao Lu RuPing No introduction
zoulinlin Lu MengPing No introduction
Yin Ku Wang XueQin No introduction
Wendy Fang Yu No introduction
Hung Hsuan Fan Li ZhengDe No introduction
Zhu Hui Zhen Li KeYun No introduction
(None) Lu ErJie No introduction
Shun-hsing Chang Xu Chao No introduction
(None) Ji Yao No introduction
Wen-lin Fang Deng Pingping / Lu Xinping No introduction
Li Wang A Lan No introduction
(None) Li TianMing No introduction
Shuai Wen Wei GuangXiong No introduction
Ma Hui-Chen Yu Zhen No introduction

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