Amidst the misty(TV)[1986]
Amidst the misty(TV)[1986]
Amidst the misty(TV)[1986]

Amidst the misty(TV)[1986]

Episode: 40 Area: Taiwan, China
Stars: Han Chin Hsueh-hua Liu Feng Gou More>> Language:
Director: Lily Liu Year: 1986
Genre: Love
Producer: Ping Hsin-tao

《Amidst the misty》Episodes

Beautiful and strong, according to her mother and dependent on each other, in order to live, she had to become a singer and songwriter in the song and dance. In retaliation for all that her father and her stepmother did to them, Yiping took away her stepmother 's boyfriend, Heping, from her sister, Ruping. In communication, according to Ping Hsuan affectionate book touched, both fell in love. God willing to get people, in a chance opportunity book Hing know Yiping revenge, the two had a misunderstanding. In retaliation Yiping, Shu Huan and Ruping engagement. After the family changes, according to Ping and book Huan release. However, such as Ping can not stand the blow to suicide, book Heng and Yiping also face the test of breaking up. After his father's enlightenment, according to Ping and book Huan finally open the knot, recapitulate good edge.

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