Legend of Paladin(TV)[2005]
Legend of Paladin(TV)[2005]
Legend of Paladin(TV)[2005]

Legend of Paladin(TV)[2005]

Episode: 33 Area: China
Stars: Ge Hu Yifei Liu Ady An More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Jinyuan Wu Shengquan Liang Guanzhi Mai Year: 2005
Genre: Martial arts | Costumes | Love
Producer: Kwok-Laap Lee

《Legend of Paladin》Episodes

Legend of Paladin is a series of computer games distributed by China Taiwan Daewoo Information Co., Ltd. ("Daewoo Information" or "Daewoo"). Legend of the Immortal Sword In the ancient Chinese fairy demon ghost legend as the background to martial arts and Xian Xia as the theme, has so far issued eight single role-playing games, a derivative business simulation game, two online games, a social networking game and a Derived mobile phone game. The first series of works was released in July 1995, won numerous countless games awards on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and was praised by many players as "masterpieces of the world". "Paladin" series has now become a major IP brand in Daewoo, which has become a staple of manga, novels, dramas, stage shows, seiyuu and cards.

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