Legend of Paladin(TV)[2005]
Legend of Paladin(TV)[2005]

《Legend of Paladin》Ep1:episode 1

A decade ago, the South Marsh Garden, after the trial of the witch, worshipped the moon and confuse the people, saying that the witch is a demon girl, showing the real body after the forced witch, summoning the water warcraft to create floods, and the witches to save the people, now Real World of Warcraft, Lao Lao Hang Linger fled the palace, get away, swordsman rescue . Happy Dreams: Fighting with the Raksha Ghosts in the air, being knocked back to the bed, being Li DaShen < /a>Wake up. Li DaShen ordered to go to the store. As soon as you open the door, you will see three weird moons Jiao Tu . The three people stayed at the Lijia Inn (Yunlaiyun to the Inn), but in fact had another purpose. They stunned Li DaShen, saved Li DaShen, and took the fairy island in the happy, and met Linger, but Linger and Lao Lao said that they had known each other ten years ago, and they were puzzled. Lao Lao let Xiaoyao Get married with Linger.

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