Nirvana in Fire(TV)[2015]
Nirvana in Fire(TV)[2015]
Nirvana in Fire(TV)[2015]

Nirvana in Fire(TV)[2015]

Episode: 54 Area: China
Stars: Ge Hu Ge Hu Tao Liu More>> Language: Chinese
Director: Sheng Kong Xue Li Year: 2015
Writer: Sea banquet Genre: Feature | Ancient
Producer: Choi Yeng Wong Hong-liang Hou

《Nirvana in Fire》Episodes

Mei ZhangSu (Hugh ornaments) Mei ZhangSu (Hugh ornaments) far in the arena, but the name emperor. Rivers and lakes rumors: "Jiang left the Mei Lang, unicorn only, have access to the world." As the world's largest gang "Jiang Zuomeng" leader, Mei ZhangSu "Mel Lang" reputation. However, Mei Zhang Su, who has the highest status in all corners of the country, is a frail young man. Despite the treacherous grudges and bloodshed brought to us a dozen years ago, even the hidden secrets behind his lifetimes are hidden. It turned out that twelve years ago, Nan Liang Chase years, the Northern Wei Xing soldiers south, Chiyan Marshal Marshal Lin Shu expedition, the rate of 70,000 officers and men to fight the enemy, unexpectedly, seventy thousand soldiers due to misconduct buried bone Meiling. Lin Shu picked up his life from the door of hell, after the loss of pro-pro-loss, cut the pain of easy-dressing, incarnate the world's largest gang Jiang Zonghui leader. Twelve years later, Mei ZhangSu relied on the opportunity of recuperation to return to the imperial capital with a whitish coat of arms and set foot on the path of vengeance, sorrow and contempt. In the face of the engagement of Ni HuangJunZhu (Tamia Liu ornaments), the old friend Jing Wang Xiao Jingyan (Kai Wang ornaments) and all the familiar in the past, he can only quietly endure everything, in the seemingly casual, with the weak body Hands off the wave of blood stunned, assisting Ming Wang Jing Wang ascend the throne, for the seventy flames loyal soul wash snow stigma. However, due to the dynastic rule of Emperor Liangdi in his later years, the territory in the south was full of chaos. The Eastern Wei Dynasty, which stood on its own in the Northern Wei Dynasty, took the opportunity to start its army southward. In order to resolve the national crisis, Mei ZhangSu decided to arm her armor in defiance of its physical weakness. In only three months, the military led the arm and beam to calm down the northern border and set the beam at peace and stability. Mei ZhangSu at this time, also suffered a last-ditch effort, finished his life on the battlefield.

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