Nirvana in Fire(TV)[2015]
Nirvana in Fire(TV)[2015]

《Nirvana in Fire》Ep1:Lang Lang first name in Beijing

Fierce battlefield, bloody shirt, father bruised figure. "Small, live, in order to cholera army, alive ..." Mei ZhangSu woke up again from the nightmare of Meiling bloody 12 years ago, he stroked the "Lin" engraved on the red army bracelet word, mood Difficult, long time no words. Lin Chen, a member of the Langya Pavilion, received the message that there was no background in the North Yan and that the six princelings, the weakest of the forces, were booked as Tai Zi. At the same time, Yu Wang, the girder patrolling Jiang's left, and Tai Zi in the capital also learned that the six princesses were able to stand out because of the secrets of the "unbelievable kylin talent" . Liang Di is old. Tai Zi and Yu Wang have been fighting for the throne for years, both sides are evenly matched and can not stand still. Yu Wang patrolled the river and left, Liang Di would like to seal it up as the Prince of the seven beads to worry about Tai Zi. Yu Wang once again killed the Tai Zi sent assassin, knew Tai Zi has been in full swing, dead. Yu Wang and Tai Zi Cronies - Tianquan Villa Owners Zhuo DingFeng are on the Langya Court to ask the identity of the unicorn, learned that the unicorn genius is known as "Langya top, Jiro Mei Lang," said Mei ZhangSu. Tai Zi and Yu Wang are the first to win over this person, are all sent to visit the delegation. Zhuo eldest son Zhuo QingYao Escort sued Qing GuoGong relatives of a pair of Lao Fu women into Beijing, was double-decker to help the main season to win, mistakenly break into the river left league boundaries. Mei ZhangSu escort personal guard Fei Liu arrived, blocking the season win. Zhuojia Lao Fu women will be sent to the Yushitai government. Xiao JingRui, son of relatives and friends of Ningguo State, and Yan YuJin, the son of a friend and brother of a friend, prepared Mei ZhangSu, a friend and friend of Jiujiang Lake, to go to Beijing for rest and recuperation. While wandering in Langzhou, the chancellor of the Great Patriarchs sent an envoy to Beijing. After talking about the great girlfriend Da Yu and Da Yu in Meiling bloody battle 12 years ago, the two countries did little to intervene and felt strange to the envoy to Beijing. Jiang Zuomeng, Mei ZhangSu, told Lin Chen that he had decided to go to Beijing with Xiao JingRui and live in the capital of Ningguo and start implementing the long-planned event. Lin Chen for Mei ZhangSu clinic, the situation is not optimistic. Lin Chen Prevents Mei ZhangSu From Entering Beijing. Mei ZhangSu said he can not wait until Lin Chen manages to stay alive for two years, leaving Lin Chen helpless. Mei ZhangSu and Xiao JingRui, Yan YuJin line to Jinling City, the old stomping, Mei ZhangSu distant across, filled with emotion. At this point, the gunmen Mu Neon back to Beijing, also to the city gate. She and Xiao, said two people move, boast two people have progressed. Mei ZhangSu peep in the car after a long time but did not show up. Ningguo Houfu, Mei ZhangSu alias Su Zhe stay. Ning Yu Gong Yu Yu first met Mei ZhangSu, remember the old man, there is a sense of deja vu. Inside the palace, Liang Di is preparing to build a competition for the Neon Phoenix Phoenix House downstairs, for its election-law. Neon Phoenix proposed one by one with the top ten text test contestants, winner of the winner, Liang Di approval. Liang Di summoned the suspense mirror to make Xia Dong send his secret book to Binzhou to investigate the case of Qing GuoGong clan invasion. Neon Phoenix and Xia Dong was the old military knowledge, deep feelings. Xia Dong Nie Feng, the unforgettable husband, was harmed by Lin's coach. She was very much in the mood for Nezhong to abide by the marriage contract with Lin and still hope that the Nepalese Phoenix could find happiness. The Neon Phoenix told Xia Dong another profound meaning, if this can not be chosen Ruyi Jun, will be more auspicious.

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