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  • Male
  • Shandong
Sheng Kong, was born in Shandong Province, mainland China male director, camera, actor, director of Dongyang Noon Sunshine Television Limited. In 1990, Sheng Kong served as a photographic assistant in the history biography Confucius. In 1991, Sheng Kong began to take the lead in camera work. In 1994, with character biography drama "Kong Fansen" won the Shandong Province outstanding video award. In 1996, Sheng Kong's first independent director, "Cheng Guangquan," a popular TV series, won the Best Director Award in Shandong Province and later shifted his work to directorial creation. In 1998, with the drama "Sea Flame" won the China TV series Flying Award for outstanding photography award. In the same year by virtue of "Alishan's daughter," won the China Golden Eagle Award for best single video editing. In 2004, she took the Beijing Opera "Front Gate Faujuku 9", a turning point for Sheng Kong's directorial career. September 2006, co-directed with Zhang Xinjian television series "break through the gateway." In 2008 October, directed action war drama "life and death line." May 12, 2011, directed the disaster movie "Beichuan Rebirth" release. In May 2012, the emotional drama Parents Love directed by Sheng Kong started in Beijing. In November and Zhang Kai Zhou jointly directed modern revolutionary drama "Wars Changsha." February 2014, directed the costume drama "Langya list." In 2015, she directed "Happy Ode to Woman's Workplace Inspirational Drama".

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