Liamatina wounded her waist'' The Simon Yam Award Ceremony shared the 'acting practice manual

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On April 22nd, "Red Star Award 2018" was held in Singapore. The Academy Award winner Simon Yam was invited to attend the ceremony as a guest of honor and presented the best male and female lead prize. At the ceremony, Simon Yam was a handsome man in a suit. Once it was unveiled, the audience screamed. The naughty Simon Yam was still arranging that the audience did not shout his name and laughed that he was an “observer” and had been watching the audience. And it was this “observing power” that made the details of the characters more delicate. Simon Yam said to the audience: “Because you have a life and your life, I can put the details of my life in the show.”

Simon Yam's "back injury" and "hand injury" have continued because of too much drama. Charmaine Sheh revealed to the audience at the scene. Before the film “ EchoesOfTheRainbow ”, Simon Yam had gone to the shoes shop to learn to make shoes because every time he took the shoes, he had to hunch and hunchback. Before taking part in the award ceremony, Simon Yam injured his right hand because of the filming and could only use the left hand to give prizes. It is reported that Simon Yam's film " The Player " will be released on April 28, expecting the full performance of "Hua Ge" wonderful performance!

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