"Williams" The Most Outrageous villain Simon Yam Gordon Lam Raquel Raymond Wong Ho-yin '

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The most outrageous villain of Wesley Simon Yam Gordon Lam Raquel Raymond Wong Ho-yin

As the most respected character in China's science fiction world, Mr. Ni Kuang 's “Wesley” series has become a well-deserved classic. This series has been adapted into countless film and television works. Recently, the self-produced sci-fi drama “ Adventure King Wei SiLi ” was performed by Iqiyi. ” is in full swing, the play, the white boss played by Simon Yam, Deng Shi played by Gordon Lam, played by Raquel Yun Yi, Raymond Wong Ho-yin played Locar is undoubtedly the most impressive and most impressive Outstanding villain.

Simon Yam received positive feedback on both sides

Simon Yam’s white boss is the “hidden hero” in the first season’s “Self Man”. On the surface, he is the top level of the Interpol. He is determined to be resolutely and resolutely decisive. In fact, he secretly helps the underworld arms sales. The desire for power is particularly eager to use their mercenaries to perform secret missions and eliminate dissidents. Simon Yam praised the image of the white boss's positive and negative images with his superb acting.

Gordon Lam Haze and Tendency

Also in the first quarter of “Legal Man”, Deng Shi from Gordon Lam played a role in breaking down the body’s head, hands, feet and other organs and making them act independently. Can not, it is fearful, the late Deng Shi fell in love with Rorsch gradually affection, he has a weak love and hate, Gordon Lam will Deng Shi interpretation of a deep three-dimensional, both haze and tenderness, rich layers, Ring powder countless.

Raquel comes with BGM acting superb

In the first season, “The Departure Man” ended, and the White Master and Deng Shi both “killed”. In the second season “Blue Blood Man”, Raquel played the role of the Clouds to replace the two and continued to play the villain. His appearance came with BGM and he was domineering. Yan, she and Luo John the Apostle old memorable, often lingering encounters, she is still the richest man's right-hand man and fiancée, one person under the million people, she is also a "blue blood" Luoka's secret partner, Raquel detailed The arrogance of catching the clouds is absolutely flattering, tender and charming, with superb performances and highly praised performances.

Raymond Wong Ho-yin's impressive three-pointer performance

As the two major villains in the second season "Blue Blood Man" and Raquel's role as "one bright and one dark", Luoka played by Raymond Wong Ho-yin is filled with rights and desires and will not only pursue himself. More than three hundred years of love, Fang Tianya was imprisoned. He was even more inclined to win over the cloud and sit on the position of the First Fushan Qishi. His man was overbearing and spiky, and he did not break the means to achieve his goal. Raymond Wong Ho-yin interpreted Locar's changing temperament. The three-pointed score is impressive.

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