Echoes Of The Rainbow(Movie)[2010]
《Echoes Of The Rainbow》(Movie)[2010]
Echoes Of The Rainbow(Movie)[2010]

Echoes Of The Rainbow (Movie)[2010]

Area: Hong Kong | Mainland China Language: Cantonese | Mandarin | English | 上海话 | French
Stars: Release data: Apr. 16,2010(大陆)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Plot | Family

《Echoes Of The Rainbow》Episodes

Hong Kong in the 1960s, the situation is changing. On the one hand, it has to endure the repression of the British Hong Kong Government and on the other it has been affected by the movement in the Mainland. It has to face the typhoon torch that landed from time to time. The old Wynn Street is in the middle of a storm's whirlpool. Shoemaker Luo a family of four, at the end of the street to make shoes for a living. Mr. Luo (Simon Yam ornaments) doing a good hand shoes, in that era of confusion only to feed their families; Mrs. Luo (Sandra Ng ornaments) is a spicy candid, known as the "Theft Roosters." The eldest son Luo JinYi (Aarif Rahman ornaments) 16 years old, good academic performance, is the champion of the Games, the family's hope, but also the pride of Wynn Street; younger son Luo JinEr (Buzz Chung ornaments) 8 years old, spoiled by their parents , Naughty nature, the famous naughty Tricky ... ... a family hard times, but also enjoyable. However, a pure first love between eldest son and wealthy lady Fang Fei (Evelyn Choi), a storm hurling over Hong Kong, has a long-term nightmare, so that the peace and happiness of this average family overnight steep Health changes, fragmented ... ... Face the greatest "thief" years, tenacious people how to resist? 2010 60th Berlin Film Festival "Cenozoic ...

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