The Emperor Simon Yam appeared in the TV series' Storm Dance'.

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The power of Simon Yem joins the “ Storm Dance ” double-faced character “牟川”

Elite Yam joins in the TV series "Stone Dance", deeply affecting the abyss

Simon Yam starred in the drama "Storm dance".

Recently, the powerful movie player Simon Yam has joined the TV series "Stone Dance". In the play, Ninagawa, played by Simon Yam, is calm and sophisticated, but the darkness is decided, but there is also deep feeling behind him. "When you gaze at the abyss, the abyss is staring at you." The introduction of the deep meaning of the role not only attached to the mystery of the characters, but also made the audience very much look forward to the two-sided character of "Yekawa". Today, the large-scale drug-drug drama " Icebreaker " starring Simon Yam also exposed the first wave of stills, restoring a thrilling match of righteousness from static vision! In the face of the "double surprises" of Yingdi, fans have expressed: "We look forward to the new interpretation of Hua Ge!"

It is reported that the TV series "Stone Dance" is in full swing shooting. Affectionately decisive, abyss, in the end which is the real "Xichuan"? Look forward to Simon Yam taking us to explore the unknown and find the answer!

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