Raquel, Raymond Wong Ho-yin is about to take over the success of Simon Yam and Gordon Lam? Netizen: Oh

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The sci-fi suspense drama "The Adventure King Wei SiLi's Branch People " is about to end. It is not possible to determine whether the play is bad or not. Because as a net play, the play still has a remarkable place, such as special effects, The picture, the real scenery, and the villains of the big villains Simon Yam and Gordon Lam played by the villains and Deng Shi;

In the play, Simon Yam played as the senior officer of the international criminal police. His style was resolute and resolute, and he was very trustworthy. However, he did not expect that he actually secretly helped the underworld to conduct arms sales. He was particularly eager for power and was hidden in the entire play. The ultimate villain;

In the early stage of the positive image, Wen Chao-Yu of Bai Lao Look , amiable and sturdy, later in the darkening process, the savage and desolation are absolutely chilling and chilling. One action has one eye full of his deep acting skills; he personally feels that he is acting in Hong Kong. The first-class level, played the upright police officer, performed a sinister and cunning trick, performed a big man and played a small person;

In addition to Simon Yam's white boss playing out of color, in the “Legal Man” as a villain on the surface, Gordon Lam’s Deng Shi’s play is equally impressive, as opposed to the gradual blackening of the white boss. In the play, it is from bad to sentimental, gradually bleaching;

The previous period was the only big villain in the entire series. Kidnapping, sneak attack, destruction, etc. were utterly useless. When people were caught in the late stages, in the face of the beloved woman's death, his silent roar in the small box was debilitating; only A performance that can be brought to the audience with deep professional abilities is recognized as a true “actor.” Gordon Lam is such an excellent actor. His play is so good that he blends in with the plot. Many netizens said that they were made into fans by Gordon Lam.

These two ultimate bosses both went offline in the first season's "Leaving Man" finale, and the second season "Blue Blood" will be on the line. In this season, Raquel and Raymond Wong Ho-yin will replace Gordon Lam. Simon Yam interprets the strongest villain;

Not to mention that Raquel and Raymond Wong Ho-yin can perform the charms and effects of the two gold statues. Because of the different roles, each performer has different ways of performing, and the appearance is different.

In the trailer of the "Blood Man" exposure, we can see that after the 90s, Tsing Yi Raquel played the cloud because she was unwilling to choose to abandon her ex-boyfriend, and she was "spontaneously breaking up," "domineering, and pushing down," and " The alternative way of blinking and kissing makes people have a strong curiosity about this role in just a few shots;

This is a female agent who wants to make a comeback and accomplish a task without breaking. After she broke up with her boyfriend, she was unforgettable. She had mercy on them for several times. In fact, Yun Shi and Deng Shi are the same, although they are villains. Infatuation is full of expectations;

If Raquel's cloud is a villain that attracts fire on the surface, Luoka played by Raymond Wong Ho-yin is a hidden villain;

Luoka was a blue-blooded man who fell from an accident three hundred years ago. He was also a lover of Fang Tianya ( Janeice Man ) who had been searching for many years. He became a vicious careerist who wanted to rule the universe because of the virus.

In the drama, Yunhe and Yun Yi are listed as the Ming and the Dark two major villains. This time, Raquel and Raymond Wong Ho-yin succeed Simon Yam and Gordon Lam to interpret the strongest villain. Netizens have left a message saying: Oh, I really want to hurry to see the new drama;

It is reported that the "Blood Man" will be on the 24th. At that time, everyone can go to see it.

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