Story of Yanxi Palace(TV)[2018]
Story of Yanxi Palace(TV)[2018]
Story of Yanxi Palace(TV)[2018]

Story of Yanxi Palace(TV)[2018]

Episode: 70 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Lan Qin Yuan Nie Lan Qin More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Deguang Wen Hui Kai-dong Year: 2018
Writer: Zheng Yu Zhou dynasty Genre: Costume | Court
Producer: Zheng Yu

《Story of Yanxi Palace》Episodes

"Story of Yanxi Palace" episodes:Described in the six years of Qianlong, the young girl Wei Yingluo entered into the palace and seeked the truth of her sister'death. After investigation, she confirmed that her sister’s death was related to the wangye of Hongzhou, and he was determined to seek justice. Queen Fucha succumbed to the ritual, worried that she would go astray and try to give her warmth and help. Under the careful guidance of the Queen, Wei Wei gradually grew into a strong and strong palace girl, and put down resentment and serious life. The unfortunate death of the Queen caused the misunderstanding of Qianlong. The two men were mutually hostile and eventually understood and supported each other. With the courage, the astute and flexible mind, and the broad-minded mind, the ambitions of the courts have been resolved, and they have finally become the shackles of the prosperity of the Qianlong. It was not until before her death that she told the Emperor Fuchao that she had accompanied her to Honglong. She hoped that she would accompany her to Hongyi and help him to be a Mingjun, and that Qianlong knew that Fucha had a good heart. In the 60 years of Emperor Qianlong, Emperor Qianlong declared that the son of Wei Wei, the prince of Yongzheng, was the crown prince. At the same time, he was the queen of the prince, and he finally fulfilled his promise to the Queen of Fucha with his own life.

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