Beijing-style flag bearer jiacheng liu's new work, bing he ou wang pei liu, lives in' sesame hutong

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Star connection news: recently, written by the scriptwriter Candy, Jiacheng Liu, Director's Beijing period drama The original Hutong After 126 days of shooting, "Sesame Hutong" tries to restore the rich and interesting life of old Beijing. Produced by xinli TV media (Beijing) co., LTD and chengcheng film development co., LTD. Bing He , Ou Wang , Pei Liu, Starring, Wenjuan Feng , Yu Hou , Yanjun Bi , Zige Fang Star, Yitian Hai Starring, Qian Bo , Mao music , Keanu , Wang Fang, Qian Zhao , White Lan Co-star. In a group just released "taste of life" theme of the stills, appearance, the characters appear on the night ride a bike or garden to drink tea, or place in market, or state, such as workshop, DaiGong vividly shows the work for the good life of people, and the poster version "fireworks", the people gathered, raise your hand is cast sufficient between through the life of the lining, an emotion into the heart.

The taste is very strong & NBSP; A hutongs writing life

In the original Hutong, since the childhood, kuang to uncle YanZhenSheng Bing (He) was with Jeannette Mrs Lin Tsui, qing (Pei Liu) took a youngest son lived a safe day, actually because of the accident loss of lone father old man yu Yanjun (Bi) wanted him to continue the family line, facing to marry pastoral spring (Ou Wang) in the "contradiction", sharing the fate of the three people from wind and rain, regardless of the outside world has changed, The family in the life of MC Davi oil salt can always find a way, meet the water, help each other to live. In the "taste of life" theme stills, the story of "Sesame Hutong" shows that the owner of the "qinfang ju", an old-style pickles shop, is a man of his own. The simple herding spring flowers are reserved, and come to qinfang alone, it seems that there is something she must say. Jeannette Lin Tsui ching, the elder wife of yan's family, drives through the streets in a rickshaw, trying to keep the family together. When they are on the road, what they are looking for is a comfortable life in the house, where Lao zi and his father (Zige Fang) sit in the courtyard, have a cup of tea and talk for a while. One day, five members of the family chat with sunflower seeds and laugh for a happy afternoon. His wife looks at baofeng (Wenjuan Feng) and bao xiang ( Joe big Wei It is also a good time for brother and sister to wait on their master.

In the 30 years from the 1940s to the 1970s, Yitian Hai, a member of the kuomintang party, was sitting in his office with a serious face. The business of qinfang's residence affects the food of dozens of people, and yan zhensheng himself supervises the work. Big shopkeeper Kuroko's Basketball (Yu Hou) and the old master kong Lao chi (Qian Bo) take their partners seriously and keep in mind the principle of "abiding by the ancestral rules and strictly making sauce". With his sister, guo binghui (White Lan), yan's daughter-in-law, and Sesame Hutong's regular wife, gao lu ( Zhengbo Zhou Running on the road anxiously, as if something important were going to happen. As shown in this series of "taste of life" themed stills, "Sesame Hutong" starts from home, starts from the details of clothing, food, residence, transportation and other aspects, and tells about the life of old Beijing people for decades, during which the life always shows the warmth of ordinary people.

Quality forward to create the Beijing flavor era

As for the original intention of "Sesame Hutong", directorJiacheng Liu,said in a word, "we will try our best to hold up the sky for the beijing-style theme", and the whole team invested in the shooting and production under the guidance of this principle. The script was written by Candy teacher, who was also a master at creating Peking Opera with director Jiacheng Liu. In order to write a good story, he not only visited old beijingers around him, but also went to the first-line miso vegetable factory to learn about the whole production process, laying a foundation for the script with rich background materials. The art group led by wang shulin, the choreographer of the national drama theater, works hard on the scene restoration, from the large to yan's courtyard to the small to the indoor furniture furnishings. On the basis of historical materials, it carries out a delicate restoration combining artistic creation. In order to reflect the life span of more than 30 years, under the guidance of duan xiaoli, the clothing group has done a lot of detailed work, and the clothing of several leading roles alone has been more than 200 sets. And these efforts have been reflected in the "flavor of life" theme stills, scenes, light and shadow, characters, composition, etc. give people a delicate sense of historical reality, showing a strong Beijing flavor.

In addition to the efforts in production, "Sesame Hutong" gathered a group of good actors in its cast mainly by drama. Bing He, Yanjun Bi, Zige Fang,Yitian Haiand other actors and directorJiacheng Liu,cooperated with Beijing Opera again. With a higher degree of tacit understanding, people could have a more confident interpretation of the roles. Ou Wang,Pei Liu,andWenjuan Fengplayed three women with different backgrounds, including mu chunhua, Jeannette Lin Tsui qing and baofeng. Both the characters' personalities and the characters' relationship with each other, they all have expectations for "three women in one play". Yu Hou, Qian Bo,Mao musicand others are all reliable actors. "Sesame Hutong" paid more attention to its cast. During the acrobatic show of old Beijing tianqiao, some performers, such as white flags, diabolo and hard qigong, were invited to take part in the show, including some inheritors of intangible cultural heritage.

At present, "Sesame Hutong" has entered the stage of intense and orderly post-production. Under the protection of creative team with both quality and feelings, this new period drama is expected to trigger a new round of cultural upsurge in the future.

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