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Zige Fang

Zige Fang


  • Male
  • Capricorn
  • 1950-01-04
  • Beijing, China
Zige Fang, born in Beijing on January 4, 1950, native of Tongcheng, Anhui Province, Mainland film and television actor. In 1986 starred in the actress Wang Binglin directed "father and son" began debut, starring in 1987, "Dead Lively," played by Li Qingyuan, starring in the "Gates" in 1990 as a glamorous actor, in 1994 to "no one applauded" Won the 14th China Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actor Nomination Award, 1996 with "mixed in Beijing" won the 19th Popular Movie Hundred Flowers Award for Best Supporting Actor Award, starring in 2001, "Boys forward" in the decoration Xiaofeng father, guest 1999 "seven days", starred in 2013, "two ran" and played Kong Sheng Yi corner.

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