Sesame Hutong(TV)[2018]
Sesame Hutong(TV)[2018]
Sesame Hutong(TV)[2018]

Sesame Hutong(TV)[2018]

Episode: 55 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Bing He Ou Wang Bei Liu More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Jiacheng Liu Year: 2018
Genre: Modern city

《Sesame Hutong》Episodes

The TV series "Sesame Hutong" plot introduction: It tells the story of Yan ZhenSheng, the owner of the Beijing-style fragrant shop in 1947, because his brother and nephew helped him to go to Hebei to buy soybeans and died when he was robbed by the national army. ZhenSheng, in addition to his wife Lin CuiQing, for the biological father Yu Yuzi to marry another house wife, for the Yu Jia Chuanzong generation. Yu’s father saw Mu ChunHua, who had been treating his father for his illness. Although it was because of his filial piety, Yan ZhenSheng and Mu ChunHua were deeply involved in the contact. In 1950, the new marriage law was promulgated, and Yan ZhenSheng and Mu ChunHua divorced. In the years to come, Yan ZhenSheng, Mu ChunHua and Lin CuiQing still support each other and share the storm. The play also wrote a group of ordinary people around the pickles and sesame alleys. Their fate and joys and sorrows, the truth and logic of the people's life, the simplicity and kindness of the little people.

Plot Summary>>

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