Joe big wei's new series' the young woman under the zhengyang gate' premieres wednesday with director jiacheng liu

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Star connection September 27by Wenli Jiang , Ni Dahong , Joe big Wei , Hairong Tian, Starring in the TV drama The young woman under The Zhengyang Gate It will be broadcast on oct 16 on both Beijing satellite TV and jiangsu satellite TV Jiacheng Liu, Since the shooting of the new work, the industry has been concerned and discussed. The young woman under The Zhengyang Gate is set in a pub in old Beijing in The 1950s and 1960s and tells The story of two couples who start a business. In the play, fan jinyou, played by Joe big Wei, is a typical "Beijing old man". The characters played byWenli JiangandNi Dahonghave been fighting for decades. After the cooperation, his excellent acting skills and dedicated attitude were appreciated by directorJiacheng Liu,and he was invited to continue to act in the film. The original Hutong Two TV series, warm land.

The runner Zhu Yawen " Zhengyang under feel "Sequel & have spent Hand in hand withHairong Tian,as the hero's wife

Five years ago, the TV series Zhengyang under the door, directed byJiacheng Liu,and starringZhu Yawenand Ni Dahong, became popular when it was broadcast. The series profoundly shows the process of ordinary people in Beijing who constantly strive to change their lives with the changes of The Times. Five years later, "The young woman under The Zhengyang Gate" by The original cast is about to air, and The leading man is going fromZhu Yawento Joe big Wei. Among the four posters that have come to light, Joe big Wei, dressed in the trendiest "dacron" shirt with a chronological look, offers a glimpse of the characters in the show. In terms of the character relationship shown in the poster, fan jinyou, played by Joe big Wei, is located next toWenli Jiangand under Hairong Tian. It seems that he has emotional entanglements with both women. According to relevant people,Joe big WeiandHairong Tian,do play a couple, and they are a couple of strong women and weak men. They are called "the wife of the man". As for the relationship betweenJoe big Weiand Wenli Jiang, love and death is enough to describe, why is the relationship so entangled? The audience is left to search for answers in the play.

Co-directed byJiacheng Liu,as a "Peking Opera" professional & NBSP; "Sesame Hutong" and "warm land" were once again connected

Currently,Joe big Weiis shooting Jiacheng Liu's new drama warm land, in which he plays dong erlin, a typical representative of a contemporary new countryside and an opportunist, in his third collaboration with Jiacheng Liu. The duo's second stint as actors and directors was on "Sesame Hutong," the show that wrapped in August Bing He , Pei Liu, , Ou Wang All have wonderful opposite play. It's The same "Peking Opera" that tells The old Beijing story, but The role ofJoe big Weiis totally different from fan jinyou's role in "The young woman under The Zhengyang Gate", which interprets a child of eight pennants -- bao xiang. Different from fan jinyou who loves to make waves, bao xiang is loyal and honest, a very reliable partner and lover. It is not hard to find out thatJoe big Weiis the only actor who has acted in Jiacheng Liu's three TV series continuously. The three years of cooperation have made the two of them accumulate deep feelings, and they are also teachers, friends and confidants, looking forward to more cooperation in the future.

The TV series "warm land" is still being filmed in hebei province, and "Sesame Hutong" is expected to meet the audience early next year. How will "Peking Opera" professionalJoe big Weiplay three different "old men" in three dramas? What will he do for the audience? It will be revealed soon after the show begins.

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