The funeral of yammie lam was held on 9 november. the stars were silent after her sister made only one request.

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Yammie Lam The funeral was held on November 9th and the stars were silent after the sister made only one request

Recently, many well-known stars have passed away, and many netizens cannot help but feel that they are not really old... The death of Yammie Lam has been the subject of heated debate in the entertainment industry over the past two days.

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Yammie Lam was found dead in the early hours of November 3 at the age of 55 in liangma house, Stanley ma hang village, Hong Kong. Yammie Lam, known as "beautiful mount wutai", died suddenly.

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The conversation about Yammie Lam has been going on since her death. Her living residence was also exposed by the media. Looking at her living residence, netizens exclaimed that she was not untidy at all. The "pretty girl" decals and flowers on the fridge reveal Yammie Lam's optimistic attitude towards life.

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After Yammie Lam's death, everyone was doing their best to inform Yammie Lam's only family member of her sister. It wasn't until November 5 that an older sister, perhaps Yammie Lam, showed up and headed to the mortuary to see her last.

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Following the death of Yammie Lam, President of the Hong Kong performing arts association Louis Koo Yammie Lam will be given a proper funeral, he said. In addition, Yammie Lam film club, the xiangguang entertainer's association and a group of congregants are also looking forward to helping her with a perfect funeral. The funeral of Yammie Lam was held on 9 November Dominic Chan Assignation.

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Yammie Lam's sister sanjeiqing has only one request for the funeral, which does not want to be given too much attention. Yammie Lam's life has been very bumpy. She does not want to be disturbed by others after her sister's death. It was a tear to hear that. Regarding the elder sister's request, the stars also were silent... Indeed, life is not safe, after death hope can quietly leave.

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I remember her role as the classic spider queen in a journey to the west. Now leave the audience that loves her, go all the way!

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