She is leslie cheung blu-yan confidant, once compared to yammie lam, quit the entertainment industry after selling insurance life!

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She is Leslie Cheung Blue face bosom friend, once shoulder to shoulder Yammie Lam After quitting the entertainment industry selling insurance to live!

Recently a lot of stars familiar to the audience have died one after another, see their death a lot of net friends cannot but feel to arrive: cherish life... The sudden death of Yammie Lam, one of the most talked-about people in the entertainment industry over the past two days, has also made many people who like her very sad.

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In the 1980s, Yammie Lam, known as "the most beautiful mount wutai", was also the one who did not have beautiful facial features and was also the representative of amazing facial features. At that time Chingmy Yau , Carina Lau , Maggie Cheung , Anita Mui , Margie Tsang, Sandra Ng, May Lo, Anna Ueyama the nine most beautiful women including Yammie Lam are known as "the nine women of Kowloon".

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However, time flies, the same as the TVB flowers of the nine major beauty destiny is different. Yammie Lam died at home of a psychotic break from sexual assault by the tycoon. Anita Mui died of illness at age 40; Maggie Cheung went through two failed marriages; Chingmy Yau married a businesswoman and lived a rich life. Carina Lau and the film emperorTony Leung Chiu waiLove is sweet envy makes others; May Lo married the god of song Jacky Cheung After retiring directly from the entertainment industry. Careful netizens will find that Anna Ueyama, who once stood alongside Yammie Lam, seems to be the least impressive woman in Kowloon. That's right, Anna Ueyama has long since retired from the entertainment industry and now lives on insurance. So few people remember her!

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Anna Ueyama, born in Hong Kong, is of mixed blood. She is the cousin of Julian Cheung, and Leslie Cheung's confidant. In 1985, with Donnie Yen Star of "ManTrouble," officially into the entertainment industry. Anna Ueyama was once a darling of TVB, and dabbled in both film and singing. Resources have always been good for her, and often withChow Yun - fat, Maggie Cheung, Karen Mok Such as the current star big cooperation, but in a tepid state. Later Anna Ueyama simply retired from acting to work in the insurance industry. Anna Ueyama is very popular because she used to stay in the entertainment industry and kept secrets for her friends in the entertainment industry. Many big stars are her clients. Anna Ueyama is a eloquent and sociable person, so from star to ordinary person, her career is flourishing.

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By contrast, Anna Ueyama's love life is more noticeable. Anna Ueyama has had two failed marriages and fathered a daughter with her first extramarital husband. Now the daughter and Leah Dou And good friends. Anna Ueyama has also been linked to Paul Chung and Max Mok. Anna Ueyama is understood to have entered the entertainment industry because of her romance with Paul Chung. Later, he also had a failed marriage with police officer kong xiaobao. Recently, media reports have revealed that she often pairs up with Winnie Yu, a talented young woman who has come out. The relationship between the two is self-evident. The incident also completely upended the outside world's impression of her. Probably because the man broke her heart, the editor still wishes Anna Ueyama happiness!

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